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Stuck in Valor Mountain v11


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EDIT: Just ignore this one


Okay so i am stuck in Valor mountain in v11. I dont have Magma drift since i let the Elder of Sheridan live and dont have fly either so i cant just fly away. 
When i went down to the Kyogre place there was no cut scene or Kyogre or anyone else for that matter.

If i try to re-enter from Valor shore I get a black screen and i get transported to Jenner's lab.


What i can do is jump half across a pool of lava and get no where else since i am missing one or more stones to jump on


 and i have attached my safe file just in case if anybody figures anything out.




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I have the exact same problem.

entered from Crawlis Gym and venam tells me to change the mood. When I do this she is nowhere to be found and all I can do is to surf to the scientist with the big cristal to activate valor mountain again. after that venam is back there and wants me to cool the place again. But I can't do that because one of the stones to jump is missing.

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