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[Spoilers] Interceptor and Lost Future


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After playing through the events of episode 10, I am really curious about what this role of "interceptor" means for MC and gang. Maybe we can talk about it abit more since I am not really that knowledgeable about the game. Major spoilers ahead



During the events of Lost Future, the MC and Melia pair up with Madame X in order to retrieve the time diamond. The events end up in a confrontation with Melanie. During this event, there are 3 choices that can be made by Melia and ends up in many different outcomes (the choice of helping Melia just ends up with either a fight with Kenneth or not)


Hand it over

Firstly, if Melia chose to hand over the fake time diamond, she gets all emotional and comes in contact with Melanie. This goes against what Madame X said and ultimately causes the overlapping of Melia and Melanie to happen, and since Melia is in a worse state of mind and will, she gets taken over. Melanie then gains the power the Melia possessed and rules the Lost Future. This can be seen as the "bad ending" since you get a game over smacked into your face at the end. What is interesting about this ending is how the interceptor, MC, disappears in the events after, and how the memories of people in the Lost Future were altered (doesn't this remind you of a certain memory altering time traveler, Cresent?)

Another theory might just be that the universe was just correcting itself when they overlapped and the MC was "corrected" out of the timeline. I would like to know what do you guys think about this.


Try to Escape

If Melia chooses to run, she will try to use the fake time diamond and finds out that it is a fake. Melanie proceeds to detonate the ship containing the last hope for the world and Amber  starts to punch her in the face. In this version of the Lost Future, Melanie decimates the Lost Future gang and the MC, a.k.a the interceptor, saves Melia from dead. In the process Melia awakens her power and, in a flash of light, wipes out Melanie. We have no idea what happened (it could be overlapping with Melia being the stronger one, or just a raw show of Melia's power), but all we know is that Madame X finds out about Melia's awakening and the MC being the interceptor ( which we will come to in a while). This is argubly the normal ending, since everyone in the Lost Future is gone and the last hope is also gone (no care for the alternative timeline).


Do nothing > any choice

If Melia chooses to do nothing, she will be prompted to choose. However this hesitation actually is good for once. Regardless of what the second choice is, Melia remembers Madame X's words of caution about not coming into contact, and invokes a strong will while reasoning out Melanie's intents. You can clearly see Melanie backing away, since she knows about the overlapping process and knows that Melia is currently in a stronger state of mind and will. Melanie still tries to decimate everyone, but in this version of the Lost Future, the Lost Future gang is spared, and Melia is still saved by the interceptor, awakens her power and wipes out Melanie. However, the most interesting thing about this timeline is that Melia restores the world back to it's former glory, which is a huge difference compared to the normal ending. I can only think that since the technology is still intact on the boat, it might have triggered due to her power. Which also suggests that Melia's power is determined by her force of will and her state of mind (boat isn't detonate > hope for the world). Everything else plays out the same as the normal ending. Madame X also suggested that Melanie "did what she wanted to do to you" when talking to Melia, and this might suggest that Melan overlapped with Melanie (we have to see what effect this has on Melia). This is the "good ending"


With that said, I would like to address a few things:

1) Madame X said, along the lines of "one day that power will be mine, and there will nothing to stop me". I am thinking that this does support the idea (which many agree) that Madame X is a version of Melia from another timeline. In order for that power to be hers, overlapping might be the only way, similar to how it pan out in the "bad ending". This might be the reason why team Zen is aiming to capture her, and might also suggests why Madame X has not be trying to come in contact with Melia. The only two times Madame X would have been able to come in contact, Melia shown a better state of mind and will. First was a blacksteep prison where Madame X was shocked to see her (showing a worse state of mind) and the other was when they met in Lost Future (which if Madame X overlaps, she will not be able to return to the current timeline since Melanie is in the way). There are also a few hints here and there, Madame X and Melanie both possess a Yveltal (since if Melia = Melanie, Melanie also = Madame X)


2) Finally the important topic, the interceptor. What does this role mean?


Does it mean that the MC is doomed to be throwing themselves at other light/darkness or life everything they are in danger?


When did the MC awaken this power? Was it when Cresent brought her to that shack? (in the good ending, Madame X was able to see a distorted version of the shack with all members of the dead Lost Future gang on it with the MC hopping off the bench, similar to the one with cresent).


Does this give the MC unlimited Max revives? and speaking of Cresent, could she be the interceptor from another timeline? (think about it, Cresent was able to be with the MC at the shack)


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2) Yes, we do have max revives, and we have a fundamental role in this storm. Our powers were actually awakened much before that episode with crescent, thing is we probably participated in other previous storms. This we can say by replaying the beginning of the game, where we can hear crescent giving orders to our mom. We then learn that our momma is actually a doll, not sure if she's even human, and she's been put to guard as since we have memory. I think making other assumptions is just too difficult at the current state of game, hope in the next ep we will have some answers 😉

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