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Professor Rebirth - Trainer Custom Sprite

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Hey Guys ! it's really been a while since i've posted here ! and now i present you my newest  creation : Prof.Rebirth


Name : Nash 

Age : 27 

Codename : Prof.Rebirth( duh..)

Occupation : Professor/Mechanic Engineer.


Backstory :  Nash was raised in the Reborn Region, by the scientific division of Team Meteor..mostly because of his 

aptitude in reverse-engineering and mechanics.


Nash created one powerful artifact that was named the "Rebirth Gauntlet" for the benefit of The Meteor Leader, infusing it with the fragments of four jewels ..

(Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Amethyst), the user could bend Time,Space,Reality and Matter to his/her will...potentially endangering the entire multiverse.


Realizing his big mistake, Nash  fled the region, taking the gauntlet and the original fragments with him, not to risk his invention to fall in the wrong..power-hungry

hands of Lyn...but after some time, he returned home..intending to end Lyn's plans and Schemes once and for all.




what you think of this one @Amethyst

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