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Passwords (S P O I L E R S)


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So anyone who started over from the beginning would know that after you tell Amanda your name and all that jazz, you can enter in a password. Jan already gave us one of the passwords, which was to skip the entirety of the boat cut scene at the beginning.
Obviously, i got a bit curious and started typing in random passwords. Normally I would have just went into RPGMaker like a nerd and looked at what all the passwords were, but well... My trial expired LOL.
So after about 20 minutes of thinking of random numbers to put in, I jokingly put in my now former phone password: 9494.
And what happened is... Interesting.
Password screen.
After typing in the password "9494"
And this happens... Which is the extremely interesting part.
If you have done the quest in the underground involving the A.N.A. android thing, you'll notice that this is the exact same sprite...
So basically the password turns you into this... girl?
I have no idea if this affects the story at all, and I'm fairly certain that this password isn't found anywhere in game...

But yeah... All this got me wondering if theres anymore passwords than just this one and the boat skip.
Obviously someone can just go into the game with RPGMaker and check but like i said my trial expired... And i wont have the money to buy it for another week or two so...

Anyways what are your guys' thoughts on this? I think it's really cool and I'm considering replaying the game as this thing just to see if there's any changes at all.


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2 minutes ago, Lord Chespin said:
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Poked around in the game's files, and those seem to be the only ones that do anything. I guess you got super lucky.


Or rather - it was fate

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