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[EP16] Coral Ward - Quiz



So there's a girl in the Coral Ward, who asks three questions:


1) How many Headbutt-able trees are there in front of the Great Hall?

2) How many satellite dishes are visible in Obsidia Ward?

3) How many individual machines can be found in the front area of the Peridot Gym?


After relentlessly running back and forth, trying to get a count, I have been unable to determine the answer to the third question... does anyone know what the answer is?



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On 7/12/2016 at 1:51 PM, Shinyrio said:


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I did this quest, but the reward is not really useful, since it's just the Fairy Tale Field effect File.


But if you want to get it, I will give you my answers :


1) 15 Trains


2) 30 Buildings


3) 23 Pikachus


4) 0 Thing (This question is a trap)


5) 42 Apophyll Shelves (No, that's really the answer)


6) Just give a random number, since this question is impossible, even for the quiz girl (Basically, the number of trees in Chrysolia forest, THE thing impossible to count).


Hope it'll help you.



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There are many quizzes. I think one for every badge. Still: 


1. 4 Headbuttable trees

2. 7 Satellite Dishes

3. 23 Machines

This will give you Misty Terrain Field-Note


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