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[Answered] How to get the Event Heracross?



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You have to put honey on the trees in the woods, and strategically battle either Heracross or Pinsir to get the other one to destroy a nearby obstacle. Pinsir breaks logs, Heracross gets rid of webs. Do this until you stumble upon a Heracross and Pinsir fighting in a large wood clearing. I don't remember exactly, but I feel like it's around 25. No clue on moves

EDIT: This whole adventure always requires the Bouffalant/Tauros battles, as you either need to jump over cliffs with Tauros or have Bouffalant push logs inside the woods

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You pretty much have to completely clear the South adventurine woods. Find honey trees (these are the trees that looks quite different) and spread honey on them (this can be gotten by trading candy with Nyu or by using Combee's honey gatherer). After a while Pinsir and Heracross will appear and fight. To clear a web fight the Pinsir and to clear the log fight a Heracross.

Once you do this to every log in the south adventurine woods you should be able to get onto a Tauros and get to the clearing.

The pokemon is Level 49.

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