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  1. Hi, well, so i got the upgrade of the dream generstor (to break stones), after i get it, i went straight to the place of the print. I broke te stonenand unfortunately i found that i can't get into this area
  2. Hi, i have one thing to ask, in route 2, to find rem is after i get surf?
  3. Hi, so, is a long time but i play reborn again, e went to titania gym, and after i training some evs of my pokemons, my pc restart and this happen If someone knows what this mean, thank you Sorry for my bad english
  4. Hi, sorry for make you wait, my friend help me with this problem, now i going to fairy gym, thanks btw :)
  5. Hi, so....yeah, I arrived at pulse magnezone, it was very difficult to pass them because I was over level of it, and I found a mod that lowered the level cap by 30. I downloaded, and put in substistuir the files and when I opened the reborn my save was gone, I do not know if it is more possible to recover my save or not, I looked in several possible places but i did not find anything, since I already thank those who try to help me, this is my last hope to continue the reborn.
  6. Hello, so well, you can see the gladion have the dragon memory and have the type ???, this happen after i give the flying memory in the So, after see the ???, i think is a feature, but after i put him in the PC he still have the ??? thanks if you help me, sorry for my bad english, i use the google tradutor
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