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  1. I started playing not long ago! So far my team is: Combusken Speed Boost LV 25 No item Jolly nature Double kick Growl Flame charge Quick attack Noctowl Keen eye Lvl 25 No item Docile nature Hypnosis Peck Extrasensory Psycho shift Kricketune Technician Lvl 25 No item Naughty nature Sing Cut Struggle bug Fury cutter Meowstic Infiltrator Lvl 25 No item Impish nature Disarming voice Leer Covet Psyshock Octillary Suction cups Lvl 25 Sea incense Jolly nature Bubble beam Focus energy Aurora beam Psybeam Lopunny Cute charm Lvl 25 Soothe bell Modest nature Jump kick Charge beam Baby doll eyes Return As of now I just finished grinding for Florina's gym any advice is appreciated
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