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  1. Hi, did you apply the latest patch (13.0.4) yet? Let me know If the issue persists after patching the game or if you already patched it and I'll fix your safefile.
  2. Fixed Game.rxdata Also fixed: Elios game.rxdata Daga game.rxdata Erucion game.rxdata maximus_storm game.rxdata
  3. Hi, I had the same bug and managed to fix it. I modified your safe and it should work now.
  4. Edit: SOLVED Now that the PBS files are available I was able to fix this myself by setting the Switches 1317-1320 to OFF in debug mode, leaving and reentering the room and manually "activating" the walls again. Please let me know If you need help fixing this yourself. Hi, I'm currently softlocked in the I found all "wrong" walls before I activated the terminals / solved the puzzles. Now if I activate the completed diorama of the city I'm being told to "Search the walls!" which I already did. Re-clicking the walls doesn't work. Patch2 (V13) has already been applied, an older safe file can't be used, because its already overwritten. Am I missing something or wasn't I supposed to find the walls before?
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