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  1. the absolutely based 3:40 AM andracass post
  2. On point A: Just how much do you want to battle them, exactly? o-O You battle them both about five times in total and that feels like plenty to me. On point B: Uh...tough? The people getting paid to make actual Pokemon games make products way worse than this, so exactly what standard should the Devs be being held to here?
  3. Gonna just call this a bad take, to be honest. Like, Lin is pretty mediocre thus far, but Solaris/ZEL/Taka are all interesting, Corey is good, Sigmund is good. Sirius/Blake/Fern are comically large assholes, but that's fine! Some people are comically large assholes. I actually would actively oppose giving, say, Blake a more active role earlier on because I like the idea that the player character isn't a part of every single thing that goes on with every single character. Makes the world feel more alive.
  4. If Hard Mode isn't coming in 18, I assume it's safe to assume Easy isn't, either?
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