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  1. Thank you for helping me beat Kiki
  2. Do you think Noibat or Medicham would be good for this fight?
  3. Are there any items I can find that would power up my Meowstic's Psychic moves (no mining)?
  4. How do I get Facade and where else I mine rocks for Dawn Stones
  5. I'm currently having trouble beating Kiki. My team right now is Blazekin (Lv 43), Meowstic (Female) (Lv 42), Ampharos (Lv 42), Floatzel (Lv 42), Drapion (Lv 42), and Roselia (Lv 42). I'm guessing I should replace Drapion for this fight but with what. Are there any other suggestions for replacements?
  6. I've beaten Shade thanks to your suggestion with Drapion. Thank you
  7. I'm currently having trouble with Shade. Right now my team is Blazekin (Lv 38), Meowstic(Female) (Lv. 38), Floatzel (Lv. 36), Ampharos(Lv 39), Roselia(Lv 38), and Noibat(Lv 33). Who should I replace on the team for the fight and with what?
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