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  1. umodded one, I tested by re unzipping the downloaded folder and running the game from there.
  2. I was, but I tested the base game for the screenshot.
  3. nope, unzipping didn't change anything.
  4. Using walking through walls of course. The spot where you drop him off can thus be avoided. Plus, you can then have a portable Pokemon Center for the gym.
  5. Now if only everyone would open their eyes to the truth. I'm going to suffer for that reshiram/zekrom joke, aren't I?
  6. SO I figured I might as well report this bug I encountered before I make a joke post. This can be encountered by using earth power in Terra's gym. The glitch causes you to basically skip your turn. Animations were turned off btw. forgot to say the version 06/12/20- 18.4
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