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  1. No I got it, I was using Mac version file so it was not working lol, just use the windows version file and its going smoothly haha. BTW you can just use pre-made sprite pack and merge it in graphics folders by copy and pasting the pre-made ones. But I wanted to use this software or other games so thanks anyways. Much appreciated.
  2. I used King coins texture smoother pack and it is amazing but some of the Pokemon sprites are blurry, anyone has full pack texture sprites for all Pokemon? If so can you post me a link? Much appreciated. I did try to use other sprites from other places but it just make game messy and give errors. I also tried to use the texture smoother software but I'm stuck on the part shown below. It says not a valid path although my reborn folder is in the desktop. If anyone can help with this, I would be grateful. Thanks! P.S. I do have java installed.
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