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  1. I'd love to have a Donphan with Endeaver...would be willing to trade a shiny unknown, shiny alolan diglett, or something else if you're interested. I could also breed a froakie if need be. My online ID is MiraSylph
  2. An update on this: Attempting to go back to that cave and surf and I can't do it again. Maybe I did have debug mode on? idk how that happened...haha
  3. Okay upon falling down a hole pokemon on the land are now 70+ Pretty sure this is a bug haha
  4. So, I was exploring Crysolia before fighting the ice type leader there, and was able to enter the cave on the northern part of the forest. There was a small pond in there blocking my way, but when I clicked on it it let me surf? I don't have any pokemon who knows Surf and it said my trainer used this. Is this...a glitch? Or a feature? I should note that pokemon in the water were level 73 but once I landed across the pool of water, they were down to upper 30s to low 40s
  5. Game ID: MiraSylph Trainer name: Mira
  6. Heya! I'm new to this, but I recently caught three shiny alolan diglets while level grinding...and was wondering if anyone wanted to do a trade =D I'd love a decent fighting type
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