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  1. i approve your descision, i found that attract and captivates were too underwhelming in vanilla pokemon games even for pvp and and pve alike, despite that attract in this mod is different from vanilla pokemon games it was a great call, a buff was definitely needed and it also gives a good reason to teach attract to your pokemon and getting oblivious ability, compare to vanilla pokemon games and in showdown the was no reasons to use attract and oblivious since all the players who only cares about winning uses legendaries wich are genderless, and yeah i approve your descision and also a good plan to catch legendaries easier, my deepest respect to you, i'ma continue my research for errors on both your spork 8 and sylveon's forest guardian whenever i get the chance, i cannot guaranteed how long its going to take, i found at least 7 errors so far so thats a good start
  2. ah i see that makes sense im gonna do my research and find a way to have debug and see if i can test the moves and ability wich needs to be fixed, im usually a busy guy since my work will resume soon so ima try to analyze the error on my day off whenever i get free time
  3. i have a question when i first started this game i don't see the debug mode in the menu, do you have to unlock it further in the game or is it not programmed to be in the game yet? when i played pokemon spork from ICSW version the debug mode was available from the start, just curious according to my knowledge the red pokebreeder gives EV to hp, yellow is def, blue is sp.atk, green sp.def, pink is speed and brown is attack? i had a pokemon ruby/sapphire official guidebook by nintendo powers before so those pokeblocks colour represent the stats just like in contest for what they prefer and for the nature, ive havent played console games for a while but i still remember all this and i used to be a top player on showdown before
  4. ive just downloaded forest guardian i'll let you know if i find some defects, its getting late tonight ima check out as soon as i can
  5. The errors that you see from Spork 8 are probably the same on Forest Guardian side story (Aegislash’s Kong’s Shield being one of them), so it might take some time for me to compare the Script between Forest Guardian and Spork 8.


    Since you did a wonderful job locating various errors, I was wondering if you’re able to test out the difficulty of Forest Guardian to see if the battles are too hard or not. Some unusual moves found on some Pokémon are either related to STABmon (common, Eruption Charizard, Boomburst Sylveon, and Water Spout Greninja are some examples) or blatantly illegal (very, very few).

    1. Shadowarceus950


      ok i will try to test that out forest guardian as soon as i can, and yeah those 3 pokemon has illegal moves and i also located some moves that didnt exist in vanilla pokemon games like pix is no where to be found on serebii

    2. Vince&Sylveon


      Pix is actually a customized move made by ICSW, and I recall it’s side effect is similar to Tri Attack’s 10% chance of a status condition.

  6. thanks for letting me know vince and sylveon, yeah captivate works as it should as in the vanilla version and and now attract works on any gender regardless i dont have problem with that imo it needed a buff anyway but its gonna be up to ice cream sand witch to decide i have nothing againts, sometimes some moves deserves a buff and nerf if theres anything that i thought it was a defect but was intentional let me know
  7. i was testing some status moves that can influence some specific type of pokemon and i found out that attract works regardless of the pokemon gender, according to my knowledge attract works on opposite genders but seems in this game it affects anyone even same genders and genderless idk if that was a glitch or a mistake so you might as well want to take a look at this btw, i tested captivate and it works just fine
  8. whenever i tested the move "ally switch" this message error showed up and the ally switch user became invisible then after next turn it reapears and game works normally after that and when i tried the move "aromatic mist" no animation appear whatsoever and no text message showing up and im not sure if it did anything or not it seems that it did nothing idk if thats normal or not, i may be a busy guy but i'll do what i can to find defects so anyone backing me up for moves and ability testing would be greatly appreciated, it might take a while but i'll make sure to find all the bugs as soon as possible lets do our best to work together to make ice cream sandwich's job easier the more people we have for bug reporting the better
  9. i found an another defect in pokemon and this time it involves in ability the primal groudon/kyogre and mega Rayquaza's weather effects cancels by itself in double battle when its on 2nd slot of the party but works just fine in first slot of the party for double battle and i tested the switches as well the ability just dies when its on right side of its partner, so you might as well want to check it out, primal's groudon's solar beam and solar blade needed a charge when its on right side of its partner but works as it should on left side and same for kyogre that it missed its thunder when it was on right side of its partner and i test mega rayquaza as well and did the same thing if i find more i will let you know i'll do my best i can to help you make your game better
  10. ever since i reported thousand arrows i figured out it would be a great opportunity to test thousand waves as well and it seems it got the grassy terrain function, im glad i thought to check it out, ima keep doing that till i find all the defective moves that needs to be fix
  11. ah i see np^^ i respect your decision if you prefer charizard Y over X, im going to test out every movesets of different pokemon and all the forms to see if they work i'll let you know when i see any more defects, its the least i can do for an awesome fan made pokemon game keep up the wonderful work, i may not being as good as you for making fan made games but i used to be a former pokemon battler profesional myself
  12. i also found more defects that i should let you know that theres no charizardite X there were two charizardite y and when i tested both of them 1 of them works just fine for mega charizard Y but the other one has no mega icon in battle and i tested the mewtwo x and y form and they're working just fine and ive also tested mega charizard X form by debug to see if it works, mega charizard X forms only works when you force it to have that form without the megastone but the megastone doesnt allow it to mega evolve to X form, if i find anymore defects i let you know, nothing is perfect but this is a really well done fan game im glad i tried it out and im also gladly gonna point out the defects in this game to help you fixing it
  13. ive started playing and want to let you know that the moves thousand arrows doesnt have the right function as it should have and thats what it supposed to be right? and when i used that move the effect is just wrong and used like mist, just wanna give you a headsup
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