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  1. Yeah I realised that after a while but it still sucks cause I don't want to miss out on any exclusive night time encounters
  2. Recently started doing the Adrienn sidequest about renovating goldenwood forest, switched my internal clock to night to get some stardust from some staryu only to see that the game is still seeing it as daytime. Don't know how to fix this please help, I've tried reverting to previous save files but nothing is working.
  3. Got a bug regarding the dragonite letters in Valor Shore, I collected all 4 of the letters before talking to dragonite and now he's not taking them in and I can't revert my save file please help thanks. Game.rxdata
  4. I've done everything except going into the minister's house and now it's locked, so does that mean I have doomed myself?
  5. Okay, I kinda need some help again, just exactly how much insight do you need to be able to reject Darkrai cause I'm near the end of the game and back in the dreamscape and the minister's house in Odis is locked so I can't get the book in there, does that mean I can't reject darkrai or not? Cause I feel like I have enough insight but I don't know?
  6. Oh about that east pretty much means south-east, basically there's a villager standing by the gate to the south-east part of the dreamscape and Tristan should be there, at what point of the dreamscape are you at?
  7. Thanks man, I've legit been thinking about this for a while now and knowing that saving Nova spares you makes me so happy that I made that choice. Also personal opinion on the game's story as a whole is that the story is really great and really makes you question everything not to mention the metaness of reality is actually insane.
  8. Hmm, so besides that you can't go back damn, now I'm scared cause I've read all the pages and books in Shin and Aurora's mansion and saved Nova so I don't know if I have enough insight or not to survive Darkrai, but thanks for the answer
  9. Okay, so this question has been bugging my mind for a good few hours and that was how much insight do you actually need to not get the bad ending, also is it possible to return to the dreamscape after leaving? I'd like somewhat of an answer cause my brain has been nagging me about this for a while truth be told.
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