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  1. The route 2 rangers guild village, the blackview tower, and the hardened mountain, in the arena where you find out hardy is a fox.
  2. There is a name rater in blackview, whether or not you can change his name depends on if caz changed the mechanic, but If not, the daycare is also in blackview, you would have to get a whole new elekid if you want to rename it. If you absolutely must, and your elekid is male, you have to wait until the the last city, celia, to get a ditto in a spoilerish area of the game for 35 credits.
  3. np, Even though I'm not sure if I'm right or not.
  4. I'm not 100 percent, but I think you need the brass key from the old mansion, which is in the silver forest, I think, why the key to a random a** house is in Shivs old place... I have no idea.
  5. Of course! I don't mean to pester him about anything, And it's not like I want to hold a gun to his head over an update, The possibility of a fan-game never being completed always exists until it is completed. If Caz has more important things to do, Then by all means, I'd like to believe none of us are self-centered enough to put the enjoyment of his work over his stability and future. That's not to say he doesn't have any obligation to finish what he started, It seems he put so much work into this game, It would be tragic for it all to go to waste, And never find closure. I think that when he does have free time the enjoyment of everyone who does appreciate his work should be taken into consideration, But not to the point of ruining his own happiness, That would be a twisted reward for the man who gave us this game to begin with. (Sorry if I rambled a bit too much, just wanted to express my opinion!)
  6. I'm not aware how frequently he's been logging in, when I said "playing a fan-game" I meant checking forums, get help, keeping up with news regarding the games.
  7. kinda forced to expect the worst for us at this point, I finished my first run through this game like last summer but based off of previous posts it's entirely possible caz is just logging in to keep hope of a update alive, or maybe hes just playing someone else's fan-game. i'm not exactly too familiar with how this site works so as far as I know that may be a possibility.
  8. okay! thanks for the help anyways, I gave up trying to make sense of the puzzle. I got the ghastly what does it matter?
  9. So was there two years between the other updates? Or is that just how much we're on right now? also on an unrelated note, is the Gastly the "treasure" for the weeping depths logic puzzle?
  10. Question! what have been the time periods between updates for desolation in the past? I would like some insight as to how serious the chance of the game never being updated is. ( I'm also wondering if this forum is still alive because this is my favorite fan game and i'd love to talk about it with people.)
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