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  1. I can be online whenever to trade, I’ll go sit in a trade request! Username is just Barbano
  2. Hey guys! i was wondering if anyone has an extra awesome IV ditto i could have for breeding? im stuck on the last few gyms and i want to breed pokemon for IVs but i dont have a good ditto. Any help would be super appreciated, thanks!!
  3. Awesome! i can be online to trade it whenever!
  4. Hey guys! i was wondering if someone had a magikarp they could trade me for my water type playthrough of the game, thanks!!
  5. Hey everyone im looking to do an ice type runthrough. I know i can find swinub after i have rock smash nut otherwise i believe they are all very late game. If anyone could give me a few ice types to start that would be amazing. A few from this list to get me through the first part of the game would be super cool, which ones, abilities and natures are pretty unimportant so you could pick those out. Thanks in advanced! A. Vulpix Speal Sneasel Snowrunt (female) Cryogonal Game.rxdata
  6. Game.rxdata Please help! I went back to a vendor in agate circus and it said the script failed to load, now my character is frozen even though the weather and other NPCs still move
  7. Alright I’m ready, waiting for trade request
  8. That would be awesome! Give me 10 minutes to set up a game then my trade username is Barbano just let me know whenever!
  9. Hey everyone i decided to post here because i have done multiple runthroughs of pokemon reborn by now. One of the only things ive never managed to do is to do a dragon monotype run. I can not trade the mons over to myself to do this and i don't believe that they are attainable until practically endgame if im correct. If anyone knows how to get a few or would be willing to trade bred dragon types to start with it would be much appreciated, thanks!
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