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  1. Hello, currently it is 10:28 PM as I write this. I tried to find the Phione mentioned in the Rejuv Walkthrough, but I can't seem to find it anywhere while surfing. Is this a glitch for 13.0.5 or is my game glitched? Ill attach my Savefile so you can check it out as well. Game.rxdata
  2. Hi! I've started playing Rejuvenation a bit, and I was wondering if all ID Numbers are the same if it's caught by you? It seems so, but then I don't know how what I can do to increase my chances at the lottery if all my pokemon share the same ID.
  3. Hi! I'm in Sheridan Village and the Sensei asks for the Soul Stone which I already had since I haven't played this game in a while and just updated it. If I recall, I got to the part where I should be facing off against him as a gym leader. I think it's glitched right now since I tried visiting the soul stone place, but no one was there since I had already done it and stuff. Can you place it so I'm about to fight him? Game.rxdata
  4. 4th gen best gen?!?!

  5. I got an error 331, saying I have undefined method Blackfluteused whenever I try to battle wild pokemon at before the first gym, fighting the grunts from team xen:/
  6. Stuck again.. now at the day care lady... What could I be doing wrong? Game.rxdata
  7. Game had me stuck at the lotto lady Game.rxdata
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