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  1. Yeah, Amaria will probably sweep my team :( Magnezone seems like a strong choice. I assume Magneton evolves at Shade's gym/power plant? Will try it out, thanks! + I suppose I can switch between U-Turn and Rock Tomb on Gliscor if I need more flying type coverage. Mamoswine seems pretty interesting, and I guess I can breed Icicle Crash on it somehow. Might be good if I rotate between the two, and maybe Excadrill as well if I'm desperate. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. I'm not sure what pokemon I should get for my last team member. My team currently is, Primarina/Torrent -Sparkling Aria -Moonblast -Icy Wind -Misty Terrain Medicham/Pure Power -High Jump Kick -Zen Headbutt -Thunder Punch -Bullet Punch Gliscor/Poison Heal -Knock Off -Swords Dance -Bulldoze -U-Turn Haxorus/Mold Breaker -Dragon Dance -Outrage -Poison Jab -Bulldoze Houndoom/Flash Fire -Nasty Plot -Dark Pulse -Flamethrower -Sludge Bomb Also, Gliscor with no EQ feels super weak right now. Should I replace some team members with mons that hit harder? Houndoom has Toxic, not Sludge Bomb
  3. I found one after 20 minutes of running around. Dunno if location matters, but it was in the foggy area where you find Aelita.
  4. The sand in front of the entrance to Alamissa. It's a normal wild encounter, not an event one.
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