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  1. It's been quite 70h playtime, so going back isn't an option. Guess I have to get Debug Mode than, thanks
  2. Goomidra Kingdom and Route 1 after rebuilding it, there are both 5 spots for berries
  3. Hi everyone, while exploring Hiyoshi City (past) I picked up Return while playing with Ren, so the TM went to his bag. When I play with my protagonist, I noticed that the TM isn't in my bag, and doesn't lay on the place I picked it up with Ren. Any chance I can get it again?
  4. I reloaded an old safe file BEFORE I went the first time in Valor mountain, went back to Tesla' Villa, triggered the event and went back to the main entrance of Valor, and Ta-dah Kieran appeared. I guess I will take that file and go on (Goodbye shiny Marowak ) I found two videos on youtube, one had Magma Drift before triggering the events in the villa (1st), and one who didn't have it before. These are the differences in the chats with Val and Venam 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3utQ3srRsM 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL3_UKbLdi8&list=PLhsDbwgHshjpSR5q6G_IYvNRpW3M0Kdov&index=26 If you have Magma Drift, Venam doesn't appear in front of the wall with the runes, neither in my game nor in the youtuber's
  5. I searched for a while and found out, that they left me alone, because I already picked up Magma Drift. After the event in Tesla's Villa when Melia flew away, I can enter Valor mountain either from Valore Shore or the door unterneath the Ranger HQ, but Kieran still doesn't spawn.
  6. Alright, I managed to trigger the event in Tesla's villa. But nothing else happened. I noticed that the chat between Valarie, Venam and me is different from one I saw in the video, probably because I entered Valor monutain before. So Kieran still doesn't spawn and Venam doesn't take me to Crawli and the hidden entrance beneath tha Ranger HQ
  7. Yeah, you're right, I don't collected that item earlier. Luckily I had an Escape Rope, so I could get back to the first room, but didn't found anyone who gave me that item. There's only one grunt in the room, that stands behind the 3 flying relics, but she doesn't give me anything. Can you tell me who exactly do you mean?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm stuck at Valor on the 2nd floor after Saki destroyed the mechanic door. I went up through the stairs to the next room and aactivated the crystal to turn the mountains mood in the cold terrain (1st screenshot). After that I noticed, there was an TM behind the crystal, which disappeared. I went back to the lower floor, saw that the entry to the cave was blocked by a tree and went back to claim the TM. The problem is, that I can neither activate the crystal in front of the TM, nor the one on the lower floor (2nd screenshot), so I can't get past the 3rd screenshot or get out of the mountain. Could someone help me please, did a miss something?
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