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  1. I just finished building what I decided would be my main team for my main Reborn save file and I gotta say, Mega Mawile is a raid boss.

    I always liked Mawile(I think she is really cute) but never used one outside of the main games, when I realized I could try using its mega in Reborn I got hyped and this team is the result:

    ■Charizard(Van) - Solar Power: Flamethrower - Air Slash - Heat Wave - Dragon Pulse

    ■Meowstic-M(Miller) - Prankster: Psychic - Light Screen - Reflect - Misty Terrain

    ■Ninetales-A(Eva) - Drought: Flamethrower - Solar Beam - Heat Wave - Extrassensory

    ■Mega-Mawile(Ellen) - Intimidate/Huge Power: Iron head - Play Rough - Power-up Punch - Sucker Punch

    ■Rotom-W(Freud) - Levitate: Thunderbolt/Gigavolt Havoc - Hydro Pump - Protect - Defog

    ■Tyranitar(Khan) - Sand Stream: Crunch - Rock Slide - Earthquake - Stealth Rock




    1. Liroy


      Just changed my t-Tar from a  defensive set to a sweeper one, changed his EVs from HP to speed and removed Stealth Rock for Dragon Dance.

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