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  1. https://www.mediafire.com/file/zuk79z4yfyd4115/Virtualization_V8.1.zip/file


    Re-upload! (Previous links may no longer exist.)


    This upload doesn't involve new story content at the moment, though there are some missing things to hopefully round off what's left of Gen VIII.

    -Added Pokemon from PLA, Galarian Slowpoke evo line, Meltan line, Galarian bird trio, and more.

    -Filled in some missing Pokemon cries.


    And that's not the only thing I've implemented (thanks to looking at various scripts for guidance)

    -Trainers' Pokemon that Mega Evolves or G-Max without a Mega Stone (involves using the term: pre-mega)

    -Trainers' Pokemon can go beyond 510 EVs (there was only one line of script needed, so that changed everything)


    Miscellaneous problems:

    -Fixed a problem regarding Aegislash's stat changes upon changing form in Fairy Tale Field (based on a much older script from WLL).
    Previously: When changing to Blade Form, -1 Attack +1 Defense. When changing to Shield Form, -1 Defense, +1 Attack.

    Now: When changing to Blade Form, -1 Defense +1 Attack. When changing to Shield Form, -1 Attack, +1 Defense.

    It seems like it was somehow reversed in the script (not that I've recalled Fairy Tale Field being utilized in Rejuv V10 back in 2018), but I was able to switch them with no issues.


    I was finally able to figure some things out that I previously couldn't before. Hopefully it'll continue to work as intended and be able to start with V9 story content. I still got a long way to go (and also creating a puzzle regarding Extra Link).

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