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  1. Hey, getting this error with infinite backups: https://imgur.com/a/MmSXDEE
  2. I believe the showstatboosts and typebattleicons stopped working with 18.4
  3. Updating now. Is the process of getting it still the same?
  4. Most ridiculous one I've finished was the lowest individual stat run. Take Attack -> Speed in order, and add the Pokemon with the lowest base stat. Ignore Wishiwashi and legendaries. It gives you: - Shedinja - Shuckle - Blissey - Mega Beedrill (Alola Sandslash is the alternative if you don't want megas) - Sharpedo - Pyukumuku Set mode. No items. I also did it originally by starting Nincada as my starter and only using the Pokemon I could pick up.
  5. Thanks for this, Spec. Been looking for debug versions of Zeta and Insurgence.
  6. I hope it makes it more interesting and challenging for you!
  7. Hmm, those are fair points. When I've done runs with similar premises, I didn't allow myself to use an Azumarill with Huge Power because it turned it from a very meh mon to a pretty decent mon. It went against the spirit of the challenge. I can understand not wanting to implement the rule without hard and fast reasons behind every ban, though.
  8. One thing you might want to add to the rules are the BST of a Pokemon can never exceed 450. That stops you from being able to use buff moves and the like.
  9. Are there plans to update this for 18.2?
  10. Does this include mega forms BST? Which patreon sbumitted set made you groan the loudest and yet you still put it in?
  11. Not specifically. I think only the Whismur line is not possible to get if you miss the Whismur and the Loudred. However, any Pokemon you do want has all of its secondary locations available which would include post-neoreborn.
  12. Thank you! I'll have to go into that area and see what Pokemon are there and update the gym leader availability.
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