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  1. ill steal all the oxygen

  2. can you post your game save file? edit oh wow
  3. shade beaten 3h40m igt

    i wet myself today

  4. shelly beaten 2h 38m in game time

    lets go

  5. i rock the boat like popeye my dude


  6. well you have to understand that ame isnt trying to put down men in any way theres always a gender bias when it comes to creating a character for a story and more times than not one of them just "feels" more natural than the other to fullfil a role for example ive always leaned towards having a female protagonists for my stories is it because i hate men? no i just think its cooler and i still dont know why now i would agree that they are worse male characters than fem characters, but ame was most likely unaware of the imbalance when creating these characters and she shouldnt be pressured into creating some form of gender balance
  7. third pulse battle beaten with meowstic and monferno and four death fodder poke xd

  8. trying to develop some speedrun strats holy shit meowstic is such a carry

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