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  1. Psolomom will try to punch open the shadows and go after the stranger.
  2. [Flesh of Disgust], show me your Intent. Psolomom trues to initiate contact with the creature.
  3. Psolomom reinforces her legs and goes for a flying kick to drive the beast back.
  4. Well this is convenient. Not for you, exactly, but even then, my presence and desire to perform a service for you is convenient so I think it balances out. *Intention to go deeper and clear out any Gellies I find.* Psolomom begins to progress deeper into the building. I don't suppose you have any more Wind Weapons do you Sweetie? They're highly effective against slimes but I'm pretty sure I broke the one you gave me just now.
  5. Psolomom rushes in and used the Wind Shear to fuel an Air Elemental Echo Punch.
  6. ‘Ma’am’ if it pleases you. And the main point still stands. Is there something, aside from ‘consume until I run out of money’ I can do to make up for my behavior or should I just leave?
  7. Psolomom starts charging up for a powerful attack before taking a deep breath and letting it go. Alright, I'm good. Sorry about that. Does this place have an actual kitchen or anything because I'm a psychef and I'll feel like kind of a bitch if I don't make it up to you.
  8. I wasn’t attacking the sign. I was attacking the sign post. Psolomom leaps up and Echo axekicks the part of the sign where she senses Storm energy. Now I'm attacking the sign.
  9. Psolomom will begin reinforcing her body in preparation for a powerful attack.
  10. Psolomom feels around with her ESP for a second before launching herself fist first into the Consume sign.
  11. My sweet son has become a killstealer. Where did I go wrong? Psolomom projects teasingly before moving along.
  12. Psolomom stands protectively over Sweet Roll while trying to feel out the miasma with ESP.
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