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  1. Oh yeah for sure. I am sorry if my comment felt like it was directed at you. There is a line between reasonable requests and unreasonable ones. I've seen both, and I was mainly talking about the latter. I may not be a big poster in general, but I've seen my fair share of stuff throughout the 5 years of playing the game and lurking around.
  2. I personally think that being upset/sad about the dev team not wanting to put relationships in the game is over the top attitude. It almost sounds like you cannot enjoy a game without it having some kind of romantic relationship between your MC and your character of choice. Let's not forget that we are here to kick team Xen's ass, do some tough pokemon battles, use pokemon we never expected to use before, etc. Not for a dating sim (which is done real good by persona 5 imo). Also @Rejuvenation chill out dude. You can type a comment without spamming the caps lock button, or typing the same le
  3. Well even AAA devs fail to offer proper and meaningful choice in their stories most of the time, I find it rather unreasonable to expect this from a tiny team of people working together on a fangame that is just available to get for free. I am just grateful that rejuvenation still gets updates. I started playing this game 5 years ago expecting it to not even update again past V7, and here we are at V13 soon.
  4. Think Jan already has plenty of ideas themselves to even consider altering the future road map for a request such as this. I don't even see why would just turning into evil all of a sudden would be cool for any reason?
  5. In order to make the wait for V13 less painful I've started playing Reborn, never had before. Would defo advise ppl who haven't tried it to do the same in the meantime!
  6. My one and only save file is with an Infernape and I loved that mon tbh. I am really trying to think whether to go same starter, Blaziken, Cinderace or Greninja! It's tough to make that decision!
  7. Yeah you can actually! You can download V13 to test it when it becomes available to the general public, after people who understand what ''internal testing'' means are done with actually testing it xD
  8. Wait V13 will for real make it so that the game doesn't have that built in lag for character movement and moves? Wow! If so, this is actually insane! I will most likely do a completely new playthrough, my one and only playthrough started many years ago when V7 or something was the current one, and admittedly, I've forgotten a lot of the story, so it will be a blast to go through the entire game when it's lag free and has gen 7-8 pokemon and remember the entire story and characters!
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