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  1. Anyone wants to play Pokémon Reborn/Rejuvenation/Desolation etc... and share screens?

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    2. Hect


      Have you thought about how we're gonna share our playthroughs with each other, though? I've got a Youtube channel, but Reborn isn't really what it focuses on, so I don't wanna irritate my audience or anything like that, lol. Could look into streaming it on Twitch, if you want. Or we can do it the old-fashioned way and just send screenshots. Do you have Discord?

    3. Myst Desdemona

      Myst Desdemona

      I do have Discord although I really dislike that program lol.


      I was thinking more along the line of seeing each other simultaneously. No need to record or anything.

      One can share screen through skype while the other uses a free program called Zoom to share his. That's how I do it with my friends when we wanna "play together"

    4. Hect


      I'm not using Skype, unfortunately, so I guess it's gonna be Twitch streaming.

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