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  1. I haven't done aything else than usual, at least to my recollection. Alas I have decided to just play my new save. The game and story is so good that I'm okay with it. Thanks for all your helpfull sugesstions and advice. Have a good weekend!
  2. Hello again and thank you, I tried the different suggestions you brought up but I come up with nothing. The only documents related to pokemon reborn is the new update. It's as if my old save has dissapeared. I can access my old folders but no sign of an older save, which confuses me greatly as I had quite a few hours played on that game. Do you have any other suggestions or should I just chalk this up as a weird mystery and just play my new update from scratch?
  3. Hi, so I haven't played the game since like episode 17 or so and I downloaded the latest episode (18.4) haphazardly whilst I was studying. Well when i started the game, my whole save file was gone. I have searched for game.rxdata and can't find anything related to reborn (The same thing happened with the Rejuvenation update). I have since started a new game and those save files my computer can locate. I am curious as to what happened? Did the updated file that I downloaded replace my original files and thus deleted my original game, so to speak? Or did I miss a step as I downloaded the new episode? thanks in advance for the help.
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