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  1. I deleted the one in the save file (copied it beforehand) and moved the new one into the folder and named it Game.rxdata.
  2. Thank you very much. I however tried loading the new save you uploaded but I cannot find the ring in Key Items. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Thank you very much. I think I have attached the correct one now. Game.rxdata
  4. In previous episodes, when you grabbed the ring, it would be stored as a regular item. Now I need someone to help put in the correct ring in the key items - probably using RPG maker. Basically fix my save file :-)
  5. Hello, Can someone please help me get the silver ring as a key item and not regular item? I got the ring pre-episode 16 and are just now trying to complete the pokedex. Thank you in advance. 671 - Altair - 138h 59m - 17 badges.rxdata
  6. It worked! Thank you so much. Just had to hand them in in a different sequence.
  7. Hi, i have for done reason at some point in the game released or traded the stolen pokemon required for the Archlight quest. Can someone trade me the pokemon or help me in any way? I need all of them. My online username is kasperhojvang Thank you,
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