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  1. Oooh, would definitely love to see some less used Pokemon be made more viable! Some ideas I had: Mightyena Crest - Using a sound-based move (i.e. Howl, Snarl, Roar) raises the user's Speed + Attack stat by one stage Noivern Crest - Boosts Sp. Atk by 20%, on entry gives the Strong Winds weather effect Manectric Crest - Swaps Atk and Sp. Atk, contact moves have an additional 15% chance for paralysis Lanturn Crest - Boosts Def by 10%, stockpile grants effects of Aqua Ring and vice versa Delibird Crest - Boosts Atk by 20%, Present is now Ice-type, cannot miss, and effects of Present are now 1.5x (damage and healing) Slaking Crest - All stats are reduced by 20%, replaces Truant with Gluttony Flygon Crest - Replaces Levitate with Punk Rock, changes Normal-type moves to Ground-type Luxray Crest - Biting moves increase the user's speed one stage Vanilluxe Crest - In hail, loses 1/8 HP per turn but boosts Sp. Atk by 1.25x (hail version of Solar Power but weaker) Komala Crest - Contact moves have a 33% chance of inflicting Drowsy on the target Druddigon Crest - Reduces physical damage taken by 25%, triggering Rough Skin also reduces the opponent's defense by one stage
  2. This error came up after my Lycanroc died to the Sharpedo's Rough Skin and then the Sharpedo attempted to use Dive. I have attached the error log. errorlog.txt
  3. I wasn't sure if this was a bug or not, but Apophyll Pancakes are apparently worth 0? Is this intended?
  4. When my Xatu uses Ominous Wind on the Holy Field in a certain battle, an error shows up. errorlog.txt
  5. There's a random white box around my Bonsly. Not sure why...
  6. Ah forgot to include the gif of the Snarl bug. As can be seen, it doesn't reduce Special Attack for some apparent reason even though it clearly should.
  7. Using the move Snarl does not reduce the enemy's Special Attack when used. It should be 100% chance to lower Special Attack, barring certain abilities/conditions, but it refuses to work. It really puts a damper on my pseudo-tanky Mightyena (Idk... I just wanted to try it). :/
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