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  1. For me probably the Beryl or peridot wards, i liek the music in both also the gym leader tho BOOM! lol and beryl kinda had the feels also i got a nice n powerful donphan from beryl so ye
  2. Mega Haxorus Type: Dragon Ability: Tough Claws Stats: Hp: 120 Atk: 160 Def: 100 SpA: 60 SpD: 100 Spe: 65 A powerful mega bulky dragon, seeing as it has those stats i decided to knock some of his speed off to make it more checkable. It has tough claws seeing as it has all those blades on it's body and i just think that my reason for creating him would be that he's a rlly cool poke also if you decide to use him i could even create his sprite seeing as i do custom sprites. So i rlly hope you consider it
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