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  1. Hi, I'm relatively new to this game. I just walked into the first gym, battled the first trainer, and went to go click on the computer-ish thing that was flashing, near the beginning of the gym. I read the message and as soon as I finished my game had frozen. I turned the game off and on again and it was still frozen at that spot. I even tried turning my computer on and off and I'm still frozen there. Do any of you know how to fix this?

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    2. Cay


      Thank you!

    3. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      ^ this. It will be much more lucrative as people will actually have th eroom to explain things etc... THat and you can provide screencaps of the issue etc... or other things in addition to having more room to explain stuff. Also, if need be you can upload your game file there as well so someone can get into it and fix it for you.

    4. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      But, yea welcome to Reborn, sorry to hear you are having issues with it. I hope those get fixed for you as soon as possible.

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