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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

  2. What do you mean, a light ball? I got other rewards from the manor, including a TM and a key for something which I have no idea where it is Nevermind that. Just really curious on how you get , though.
  3. He gives 3250 poké I've added it to my post.
  4. Never got that one. Thank you, added it to the post.
  5. My Nidoking and Staraptor pretty much killed everything. Staraptor has that beautiful reckless+life orb+brave bird combo, while getting revenge kills with Retaliate, Close Combat for the rock/steel types and Roost for recovery. Nidoking has great coverage with a mix attacking set: Flamethrower, Surf, Earth Power and Poison Jab.
  6. Thank you! Seriously, I could not remember him and I only got the violet one once, so it was driving me insane lol Added it to the list.
  7. In case anyone was wondering, his teams are as follows: (All Pokémon are lvl 65, and he gives the player a random shard and 3250 pokés) Blue team Empoleon (3 Sp.Atk EVs) Wailord (2 HP EVs) Simipour (2 Spd EVs) Red team Scizor (2 Atk EVs) Porygon-Z (3 Sp.Atk EVs) Talonflame (3 Spd EVs) Yellow team Archeops (2 Atk EVs) Ninjask (2 Spd EVs) Dedenne (2 Spd EVs) Green team Hawlucha (2 Atk EVs) Flygon (1 Atk, 2 Spd EVs) Lilligant (2 Sp.Atk EVs) Pink team Gorebyss (2 Sp.Atk EVs) Blissey (3 HP EVs) Musharna (2 HP EVs) Violet team Gliscor (2 Def EVs) Mismagius (1 Sp.Atk, 1 Sp.Def EVs) Mienshao (2 Atk EVs) Brown team Ursaring (2 Atk EVs) Dragonite (3 Atk EVs) Sawsbuck (2 Atk EVs) White team Castform (1 HP EV) Swanna (2 Spd EVs) Amoonguss (2 HP EVs) Grey team Carbink (1 Def, 1 Sp.Def EVs) Donphan (1 Atk, 1 Def EVs) Klinklang (3 Def) Black team Sigilyph (2 Sp.Atk EVs) Dusknoir (1 Def, 2 Sp.Def EVs) Snorlax (2 HP EVs) I'm missing the first Pokémon of the violet team. If you find any more teams/colors, let me know and I'll add them here
  8. I played before the event and I have both the exp. share and the lucky egg (from the same event).
  9. Thank you both! How come you hate Biology? I don't particularly like insects/snakes/reptiles/big mammals/pigeons/sharks but otherwise animals are great! How can you not love this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6QHzIJO5a8
  10. ... I started playing Pokémon Reborn. Hello, everyone! This isn't my first thread but it is my first (and hopefully last - I'm terrible with these things) introductory one. As you can tell, I'm "new" here, but I've been around for a couple of years now, just lurking and stalking people. And eventually sending Ame my save files when they got messed up, through a different account. I'm Portuguese and my name is Ed (real name is Duarte, but most of my friends do call me Ed, not sure why for but it kinda stuck). I'm a 2nd year Genetics and Biotechnology student and I've started playing Pokémon in 1999, my first game being Yellow. And uhm, I'm a swimmer. And my favorite Pokémon is Dragonair (in case you haven't noticed already). Hope to see you around in the forums
  11. Well hello there, everyone. This is my first post and I'm only writing it because I felt it was relevant. Be warned for possible spoilers. Around 2 minutes ago I was exploring 7th street again, on my way to the psychologist. Having cleared the whole pokémon sale thing, I thought to myself "hm. wonder what's new." Turns out, DJ Arc appeared again and after the whole chat, instead of an Exp. Share, he gave me a Lucky Egg. Not sure if this is new to Episode 15 or already noted, but yesterday I noticed someone asking about the lucky egg and that it was only obtainable by pickup. So there you have it. So sorry if I posted this on the wrong section. Have a nice day.
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