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  1. yeah on the plus side I get to experience the story again which I've forgotten some of if not most of it
  2. it yeah well thanks anyway might just do a sandmode save to regular game just to at least get my mon back so I don't hve to hunt like I did before. seems like lady luck just wasn't on my side this time
  3. Yeah those are the only 3 save files I have so I guess I’ll just have to start over :( but I guess I’ll get to relive the story over again which is pretty good in my opinion as far as I got with it at least. I appreciate you trying at least you wanna pick my starter for me? EDIT: I'm an idiot and I can just lose the fight. NVM game hangs up when titania is supposed tot talk to you right before the first double battle
  4. it's one of these my laptop won't let me open files and is being weird so I gotta do some IT work but thanks again for the help CORGame.rxdata Game.rxdata BAKGame.rxdata
  5. Yeah I don’t mind going to just after the taka fight which I managed to beat on only my second try lol but seriously I appreciate the help I have like 100+ hours on this save and I would hate to have to start over EDIT: and I wish I had a better save but the only save I have is like a back up to the back up
  6. I would like to be before the double battles start and I would like the dragonair and larvitar I have in the box to be leveled up to 73 is that possible? EDIT: and add the 7 heart scales I had to my bag please
  7. do you guys happen to have the ability to fix corrupted saves? Game.rxdata
  8. so my PC froze and I had to do a hard reset and now I get this error when I try to start game-z I've already tried deleting the folder and just reunpaking it from the zip file but I still get it and this is the error I get when I try using the regular game.exe EDIT: I also tried rolling back my save so I had to roll back to an even older save so I lost a lot of hours grinding up my dragonair and larvitar to get them up to snuff to add dragonite and tyranitar to my team is there anyway to get them back and I lost like 5 to 7 heart scales which kinda puts a damper on my drag
  9. ok thank you and yeah the move tutor is available in the agate circus so I'll just swap out thunder wave for roost
  10. I'm currently stuck in agate circus area I want the dragonite to help me fight solaris in the double battle and also I mean why not get a psuedo I'll probably go with dragon claw iron head and thunder wave also doe dragonite learn iron head by leveling or by tm
  11. so I"m leveling up a dragonair to add to my team it has the lonely nature and it's ability is marvel scale and it knows dragon dance, dragon tail, thunder wave and aqua tail and I'm just wondering what a good move set would be I figure keep dragon dance for sure but other than that I"m not sure. any and all help is appreciated and thanks in advance.
  12. It does help I might shelf him for now I have a gardevoir instead of having them both might bring magneton in for some type coverage I’m currently at work or I’d post my whole team stats but I have a swamper, ryhperior, gardevoir, arcanine, snorlax and gengar ATM
  13. Yeah I’ve been thinking about reworking him I only taught him destiny bond to try and kill terra’s garchomp with it but I actually ended up killing the garchomp with my snorlax. So any ideas for what I should replace hypnosis and dream eater with?
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