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  1. im now a mod in the battle tower yey feel my wrath lol

  2. *-*

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    2. EmilyDixon


      I'm good I haven't been on the server lately

    3. Arkhi


      That's where a lot of action happens. The rest occurs on Skype and the RP forum.

    4. EmilyDixon
  3. i need change my name on here :/

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    2. EmilyDixon


      Yes I need it too be angelic lol sorry xp

    3. Jericho


      Well at this point, it might be easier to just make a new account.

    4. EmilyDixon
  4. can anyone help me with a ou team for the server

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    2. Jericho


      That would work nicely, now the question is, do you want Heatran more offensive or defensive, and if you have a Heatran, you need something that can resist the ever so common ground type attack.

    3. Tomas Elliot

      Tomas Elliot

      Personally I would recommend Scarf Landorus-T. One of the best U-turners in the game, Intimidate+Flying type counters many Fighting-type threats, and is immune to Ground thus befitting your needs...

    4. Tomas Elliot

      Tomas Elliot

      Pair it with a Volt Switcher, and you have a solid cor to weaken stuff with, before sending in Mega Gardevoir and push for game...

  5. so how is everyone today :3

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