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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 🙂🍰

  2. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a great day ^^

  3. thanks guys but its not my first time playing. this is gonna be my third save file. i picked this team based on the gym leaders i had the most trouble with in my other save files
  4. Okay, I'm the type of trainer that likes planning my team before i actually play the game. But before i start i wanna know what you guys think of my team. charizard 1. flamethrower 2. air slash 3. dragon pulse 4.? flygon 1. earth power/EQ 2. dragon claw 3. rock slide 4. crunch chesnuaght 1. hammer arm 2. spiky shield 3. woodhammer 4.? empoleon 1. scald/surf 2. ice beam 3. drillpeck/metal claw 4. agility sylveon 1. moonblast 2. calm mind 3. shadow ball 4.? gigalith 1. stonedge 2. curse 3. heavy slam 4. bull doze/EQ any advice is allowed and appreciated
  5. How about using a protean Kecleon? His stats are perfect for Radomus, a physical hitter but a special def. wall. His learnset is also perfect as he learns sucker punch at lv. 43 and shadow claw at lv. 49. Kecleon is found in the maze in front of Radomus' gym
  6. Wow i agree with almost all of just suggestions except for shadow tag Gothitelle. Thank you so much. Where do i find smeargle tho?
  7. Blaziken Ability: Speed Boost Nature: Docile Item: Charcoal -Slash -Hi Jump Kick -Brave Bird -Blaze kick Gogoat Ability: Grass Belt Nature: Adamant Item: Big Root -Earthquake -Horn Leech -Bulk Up -Rock smash looking to replace rock smash with rock slide Empoleon Ability: Torrent Nature: Quiet Item: Quick Claw -Metal Claw -Hydro Pump -Iron Defense -Drill Peck looking to replace metal claw with flash cannon Crobat Ability: Inner Focus Nature: Adamant Item: None -Acrobatics -Cross Poison -Confuse Ray -Screech Gothitelle Ability: Competitive Nature: Modest Item: Scope Lens -Shadow Ball -Psychic -Charge Beam -Fake Tears Cofagrigus Ability: Mummy Nature: Calm Item: Zoom Lens -Dark Pulse -Will-O-Wisp -Shadow Ball -Scary Face looking to replace scary face but idk with what Any advice is appreciated!
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