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  1. I just repeatedly swap in intimidate pokemon until his attack is as low as possible, then I use something with curse until even stab attacks are doing like 30 hp. On my first playthrough I thought you had to beat it and just soft reset every time I lost before the fight even ended. Luckily I had a Torterra, so the curse set up was easy. EQs hit for like half health.
  2. Aggron Gallade and Swampert. The rest of my team was basically collateral. Swampert ate almost everything Fern, Blake, Solaris, Florina (freakin' EQs) and anyone else could throw at it. Gallade was resposible for half the KOs in all of those massive double battles, and Aggron made up the other half.
  3. I can see it happening. All it does is save you a few hours of resetting. Once a pokemon is available in the game, it's just a matter of restarting until you manage to catch it, just like any pokemon game. If we get a master ball, it'll just save me the 70+ ultra balls I'd have to use to capture a legendary that I would have gotten inevitably anyway. It's a staple in pokemon games at this point, I don't see why Ame wouldn't add it eventually. I would probably used mine to capture that Beldum in all honesty.
  4. I beat every leader up to Luna only using 3 combat pokemon and 3 subs that I used for a free turn to heal/eat an attack on my first run. I never had to retry anyone more than 5-6 times until I got to Terra. I had no Ice types and couldn't go back to swap them out, so I got my ass handed to me for a good 2 hours before I finally got enough lucky crits/misses on the right pokemon to beat her. Easiest was Ciel because I swept half her team with sky uppercut Blaziken and head-smash Aggron when Blaziken wasn't enough. (which took forever to get, by the way). That being said, I don't think I beat anyone on my first try. I mostly just figured out their team comp on my first couple of runs, then figured out what order I had to have my pokemon in to counter. On my second run I had a much harder time with some of them, because I self-imposed the rules that I couldn't use any pokemon from my last run through, meaning no Moxie Gyrados or Speed-boost Blaziken. And nothing that I define as "cheap" to win.
  5. I loaded my team with Intimidate pokemon until his attack was lowered as much as possible. Then I had Torterra/Grottle (I don't remember what the level cap is when you fight him, I might have gotten a Torterra and common candy'd it back into range) use curse 6 times and killing it that way. Second time through, I just kept retrying until he missed with dragon tail enough for my Gyrados and Blaziken to kill it (which took like 3 hours of resetting).
  6. I too made the unfortunate mistake of saving while in the room you fight Terra in. I managed to win though. Ludicolo is going to be a godsend, I can already tell you that. Blaziken may have an obvious weakness here, but he can still hit hard enough to finish off a weakened pokemon. Mamoswine will probably have to be your answer to Garchomp as well, although you may have to pray for some RNG luck there. Stopping the claydol from using lighscreen will be huge as well. If energy ball isn't hitting at max damage it's gg.
  7. Excadrill's 4th move is Earthquake. She just killed my hopes and dreams with it. I'm primarily losing because seemingly everything she hits me with is a crit. I would go back and change my team up, but unfortunately I didn't know there was a "no turning back" point, so now I'm stuck here until I beat her. If it's literally impossible with this team, I might have to resort to cheating to salvage my save game. That is an absolute last resort though.
  8. If Ninetails doesn't use solarbeam, ignore this post because I've clearly forgotten what her pokemon do. I EV trained my Blaziken on Touros, so he has perfect speed and attack EVs (31 attack IV and 24 speed IV as well, I think). That might be how I outsped them with him. I have horrible recall, and I can't replay the fight (unless someone knows how to with cheat engine or something), but I think what I did was swap Swampert out so something else would eat the Solarbeams. Blaziken then took care of Nintails. Then I swept with earthquake, because whatever came after that didn't OHKO my swampert, I one shot the other pokemon with Blaziken, then took whatever came after that out with Swampert. This also killed my Blaziken, but he served his purpose. Turn 1) I Sub something in for Swampert that can eat solar beam + eruption, or two pokemon that can take one attack each (whatever you do, you have to be replacing a KO'd pokemon with Swampert at the end of the turn). Blaziken was then able to take Typhlosion out. He'll get speedboost as well, so that shouldn't be a concern now. Unfortunately, you might just have to rely on focus band/RNG luck to get Blaziken to survive eruption. If you can get away with it even once, you should be set (unless you also get unlucky and something dodges earthquake). Turn 2) Blaziken was by far the fastest pokemon now, so he took out Charlotte's Ninetails this time. In my game, I was now looking at Volcrona and Camerupt. Swampert outsped Camerupt and volcrona was subbed in for the Ninetails, so Earthquake killed it and left the Camerupt low. This also took out Blaziken. Whatever Camerupt answers with did not kill swampert, so now I had Swampert and another pokemon out. I don't remember what came after, but that should get you through the first half of her pokemon with Swampert in tact. I really wish I could replay this battle with that team again so I could tell you exactly what I did, because I know for a fact I beat her pretty easily with just Blaziken and Swamperts, using my other pokemon as meat shields. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  9. True, but you really don't need a solid move pool to handle random trainers. I personally prefer Heracross, because I like pokemon that do one thing extremely well as opposed to one thing pretty well and another okay. Yeah, Hariyama is bukier, but he isn't bulky enough to serve as a tank, and it costs him speed, which makes him a sub-par as a sweeper. He definitely has his uses, but by the late game he's still going to get outsped and one shotted by any sweeper with a psychic or flying move. He's a life saver against super tanky pokemon that your sweepers can't one shot, but I just find it is more useful more often to have a pokemon that can one shot non-tanks and still chunk those super tanks down to red HP. All that being said, it really depends on what the rest of your team looks like. Generally, I think Heracross is better, but if you have nothing bulky in your team, Hariyama might be better.
  10. You can sweep Charlotte only using your Blaziken and Swampert honestly. I did it, and mine were lower level than yours. You just have to use blaziken to OHKO Ninetails. You can then sweep her entire team with earthquake. You'll probably end up killing you Blaziken with it, but if he manages to dodge it/focus sash, you can swap in Gengar and not lose a single pokemon here. Swampert counters her extremely hard. If you can eliminate those Solarbeams she has virtually nothing to answer with. Anything that outspeeds her solar beam users be enough to win.
  11. I like a challenge, even if it is self-imposed. Reborn is a thousand times for difficult than any other pokemon game, but you can only do so much within the framework of pokemon games. Until we get to a point where the fights are stacked against you (like having 10 pokemon, or hacked stats), there is a limit. I set arbitrary limitations on myself so the game remains challenging. For example, I don't allow myself to have more than 3 useful (not HM slaves) on my team at any time. Originally I was only going to use the same 3 pokemon, but I finally hit a brick wall in the form of Rhadomus and had to sub out a pokemon (I did not have this problem on my second playthrough though). I also don't allow myself to use "overpowered" pokemon (although one of my first save does have speed boost Blaziken on it), and I only use "cheap" tactics in fights that are literally impossible without them (Garchomp is the only time I've had to resort to this). Basically, I'm trying to make the game as challenging as I can without making it impossible. As satisfying as it can be to easily sweep through a game many people have trouble with, it's much more satisfying to sweep through a game many people have trouble with while intentionally crippling yourself.
  12. I really appreciate the dark themes of Reborn because it's a more accurate representation of what pokemon would actually be used for. Torture, killing, stealing, crime... It has an actual morality spectrum as well, where you have your full on evil characters, your characters willing to pay evil unto evil, generic good guys... The universe that they exist in makes Team Meteor able to be better and more developed than any other Team BadGuys in any other pokemon game. Add to that the fact that they are allowed to actually be challenging and you easily have the best team. There is descent among the members; not everyone is just a generic goon. Their motive is (as far as we know) reasonable and not just there so we know they're the bad guys. All in all, I think they're easily the best villain organization in any pokemon game. Even by their own merits, they're no slouches as far as villains go. I like them, and the brutal challenge of the game in general makes it one of the best.
  13. Water types don't work that well on Charlotte, because the field effect + Ninetails drought make them do next to nothing. Your team is losing because you really need ground type moves. As it stands, once your Flygon is dead, you don't have much to answer with. I basically aced her entire team with Swampert. You just need a sweeper that can out-speed the solarbeams so swampert doesn't die. You can get Mudkip from an in game event, and just about anything that can OHKO and outspeed Ninetails will work. Once you get rid of solarbeam you can just walk all over her with Earthquake. I used Gallade with Close Combat. My Swampert was only lv 61 as well. If you don't want to change your team up, I've been told you can chain bread Earthquake onto Flygon, but I've never done it myself. Unfortunately, you're probably going to have to train up another pokemon, because you don't have much to counter fire types.
  14. It took me literally 2 and a half hours of randomly running around until I happened to sprint into that rock and jump on it. I didn't want to get help but damn, that really needs a better indicator. It looks like any other cliff face, there is no way to tell that you can jump to that.
  15. Work your way from top left to bottom right. The last bit is still pretty much just mashing rotate and praying though.
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