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  1. who do you give the ice cream to?
  2. try friday, it worked for me the same way. or some other day if you still cant find it
  3. I hope for Magikarp and some nice event with slowpoke, but most likely i think that city oriented pokemon will be added through events. unless we get access to the desert...
  4. I checked the place many times and i even went through many files in the data and i managed to find this I know it might be hard to believe, but i think that Ame... is the leader of the Illuminati
  5. I've seen this post for a long time and i was wondering if anyone else can do trades via save editing. DBan hasn't come online for a long time and i'm sure a lot of people want do some trades as well...
  6. I have ep. 11 and 12.1 if you're interested, just pm me
  7. Wasnt it possible to get the HM from the Circus in ep. 12? Edit: My bad, it was Dive
  8. Aerodactyl was available way back. I think episode 7 or even older, where you could find his fossil. did anyone get chinchou by the way?
  9. I'm currently at 561 missing Gulpin... I've been playing since ep. 9 i believe and i think that the maximum number available should be 566 if you played since the first episodes and got everything
  10. Any idea if the event was reset in 13.0?
  11. Voted yes as well but i still think that people should try themselves. Personally i go yolo against every gym leader for the first timz and then i just prepare a team and wreck them
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Will try with a java progr
  13. Sorry to bother you, but i was trying your code at www.compileonline.com/compile_cpp11_online.php and it wont let me set the values for the tiles... any help?
  14. Gigamantis


    Not the same case exactly but it's true. I guess Ame is just teasing us
  15. Gigamantis


    It's in the last place you'd expect... oh and it is indeed a blastoise
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