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  1. @Tomas Yes please, that would be wonderful. Oh and sorry for hopping back and forth. It's finals week snd im trying to get everything done for my classes.
  2. She had gotten lost in all of the chaos of the sandstorm and while wandering had ended up in squad 2 's buildin. Since imnpretty clumsy like that I wanted to represent thst confusion. At this point she is heading outside to try and get some familiar location.
  3. Well seeing as Aeon blew up the whole damn building XD He pretty much did the work for pretty much everybody xD I cannot wait until everyone meets up again, oh boy the hell that is going to be broken lose.
  4. "Oh boy, the fights that are going to break out when we get back. Lucas is going to have our heads big time." Color muttered under her breath, her eyes scanning over the path of decimation Aeon left behind. Kael is mad, Josh is passed out on Bruiser's back, Aeon is gone, her team was nowhere to be found, and there is going to be one pissed off leader with probably an equal threatening Zoroark ready to shove his foot up everybody asses. The ebony-haired trainer sighed, her whole body ached from exhaustion. All she wanted to do was curl up in a warm, comfy bed (of course with a well-deserved shower and equally deserved scrub down), and fall asleep. She looked down at Blade, smoke-grey eyes watching her as the grass-type's legs trembled from sheer exhaustion. She looked as if she was gonna pass out right there. "Blade, c'mere", Color cooed, scooping up her partner in her arms and letting her head rest on the crook of her shoulder. The eeveelution protested, digging her claws in her trainer's back as a sign to release her. Moments passed and her struggle became more and more futile, her paws finally hanging limply over her shoulders and her eyes finally closed, falling asleep right in her trainer's arms. "C'mon girl, let's get out of here. We're gonna hear a mouthful when everyone returns." Color turned her back to the scene, tapping her way from the gore that bombarded her nostrils and clawed at her own innards, the whole entire scene slowly burning it's way into her brain.
  5. "Blade..this really really sucks." Color sighed, stepping forward to, yet, another door that, she assumed, could only lead to more mind-numbing hallways. Her body ached, her body reeked of the heavy, dank smell of blood and her teammates were no where to found. Did they kill all of the Church members? The acrobatic sighed, not wanting to continue on, but forcing her heavy legs to push onwards. She reached for the knob, turning it slowly and then hesitantly pushing against the wood with her shoulders. "Whoa...." The words spilled out accidentally, as she took in the destructive scenery before her. Chunks of fallen debris littered the forms in messy blankets of pebbles and dirt. Bodies and corpses littered various areas of the room, making Color's eyes widen at the grotesque sight. Blade stepped forward, her chocolate brown eyes lowering to mere slits. Her claws clicked loudly together, as her dagger-like tail dangled back and forth, alert and ready for a quick command. "Leaf!" She barked loudly, pointing her ears towards what looked like to be Josh and Aeon. Color pushed a spiked strain behind her ear, brought her hands over her lips in a cone-shaped and shouted. "Hey! Guys! What the hell are you doing?" Maybe they had seen her squad while they were traveling upwards and hopefully point her in the direction of where they all could possibly meet up. At least the anxiety of being alone would disappear.
  6. Just about, I'm waiting for the others unless you guys somehow jump in
  7. I doubt that Gamefreak is gonna ban all that born from the glorious Pokegen. Who cares about Wifi tournaments anyways? Most people play with their friends (or subs if they are a poketuber) Gamefreak is just trying to flaunt their power because they have nothing better to do. Honestly, I'm taking this with a grain of salt.
  8. "Bleh, so much gore and not one shower to wash down in" Color pouted, walking through a long and dark corridor. Her hands were coated with glistening stains of blood, not her own though, she was too skilled for that. Leafeon nodded her head, yowling angrily as her own blood-caked claws clicked loudly against the glossy floor. Who knew she would end up in a mess like this, a flurry of fighting, madness, morals and the human craving to take control. It made her giggle, giggle at herself and giggle at those who thought of themselves being on a "team". "Some team this turned out to be." Color laughed shrilly, gripping her forehead and digging her fingernails in her scalp for comfort. It was no time to lose her mind now, it was far too soon for that to happen. There were things that she still had to do, and yet not enough time to do it in. Damnit all, goddamnit all! The ebony-haired trainer looked down at her partner. Poised, dangerous, on-edge, and bloodthirsty. Yet, something felt off as if Color was discovering something that she did not see in her Leafeon before. "Blade." Color blurted out of the blue. The grass feline looked up, her torn ear tilted to the side in confusion. "Eon?" "That's you're new name now. Yea, I know I am about four years late, but eh." Color replied bluntly, removing her nails from her head and wiping the bloody prints on her denim shorts and shaking the spikes of hair clean of any leftover sand. She turned her head towards the exit, noticing the sounds of explosions and...speech? But wait. "Eargle!" a confused bark echoed in the acrobatic's ears, making Blade growl angrily. "Wait!" Color hissed, her grey eyes squinting in the dark as she noticed splashes of suspicious green paint dripping down on the far wall. None of the symbols were readable from human language, but she knew those symbols anywhere. "Smeargle..." Color whispered softly, quickly identifying the timid pitter-patter of footsteps gracing the polished floor. She hasn't seen one of those since...Color looked down at her single gold bracelet, grabbing the little charm shaped in the rare normal type. Oh how her heart ached, how it simply sobbed to see the painterly dog and promise it safety. But she had to ignore it for now, knowing the Church keen knowledge of keeping track of trainers that carried an illegal amount of Pokemon and their death decided mere hours later. "I'll see you again little guy..." Color sighed, whistling to Blade to follow her. The two disappeared through the door, picking up speed towards the main area where the fighting was deafening and the smell of blood made her nose wrinkle in disgust. "Ugh, Foul."
  9. Why are oreos so addicting ;-;

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      Mint Oreos...

      MMMMMMMMM!!!! Gotta go get me some mint Oreos now...

  10. Whoever has the rainbow kitty as their avi can you take it down? It's giving me motion sickness. x -x

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      It's a frog

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      Well whatever it is, it's seriously messing up my stomach. And it's on the main part of my screen so it's not like I can look away.

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      It kinda fucks me up too. Avatars like that shouldn't be allowed imo.

  11. "Leafeon! Aerial ACE!" a voice wheezed over the harsh winds of sand and shadowy energy as a white and green bullet rocketed through a cloud of smoke. Her tail stood trade out, balancing her aim as she sliced through fur and flesh, and allowing crimson droplets to shower down to her caramel-colored pelt. Slowly, Color suddenly appeared from the chaos, goggles buried tightly around her eyelids and her thick bangs covering her eyes from view. A red bandanna bound tightly around her mouth, the occasional wave of sand making her cough violently just by how dry the air truly was. "What the fuck man? Couldn't you guys supply damn oxygen tanks or something, I might get asthma or somethin'" her rough accent howled over the suffocating winds as blood suddenly splashed against her mask. She groaned, obviously angered by this whole situation. "OI! Leafeon. Watch where you're splattering that stuff eh? I don't have enough money to replace this outfit!" Color wheezed as she hooked her arms around her shoulders, and pushed back hard against the wild winds. I hope getting a new Pokemon is worth it after this whole mess! "Leafeon! Aerial transformation. Ace into Crossing Scissors GO!" Leafeon complied, her body soaring past corpses and battered bags of flesh as the eveelution somesaulted mid-air, tucking her body into a tight ball, allowing her tail to extend out. Her tail began to buzz once more, thousands of chattering songs of insects began to fill the symphony of utter madness as the leaf-like tail began to glow lime green. With a quick flick of her body, Leafeon gracefully spun through the air, slicing through the wall of sand in a X-formation. Color dived through, relieved of locating at least one spot near the stairs where she could actually breath without suffocating. "Praise Mew!" the ebony-haired trainer cried out, tearing the bandanna from her lips and pulling the goggles away from her eyes. Her always-hidden eyes flickered with fury, the pupils burning behind her eyelids as one unlucky acolyte reached out towards her and looked deep within her smoke-colored irises. "Help.....me,,," he begged, reached his scorched hand out towards the angered female. Color nose curled in disgust, the weakness making the core of her stomach turn with distate. He was disgusting, pathetic, worthless! He was nothing more than an ant cowering towards her boot. Color irises flashed briefly in anger, as a crooked and dastardly grin tugged at the corner of her lips. Her Leafeon growled deeply within the recesses of her throat, her tail still glowing from the previous command. "Eat shit!" she cooed sweetly, as Leafeon dived towards the unfortunate follower and disappeared into the raging storm. A hideous, liquidy screech rang loudly in Color's ears before a line of blood splashed over the bridge of her nose, a line traveling down between the crevice of her chest. She stuck her tongue out, taking a swipe at the iron-filled liquid as she watched her deadly pet return to her. "Come Leafeon, let's see if we can clean up, upstairs." the acrobatic spoke happily, turning her back to the raging storm while her boots clomped loudly up the steps to the next floor. Her bangs fell back into place, shielding her eyes from the world once more.
  12. I became so obssessed with X and Y I forgot I still did not make it to episode nine yet. .____. Damnit

  13. That moment when I left my 3DS and one your friends save it from disappearing off the face of the earth.

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      You have to understand that life gets in the way of things. Nobody can be expected to always be ready to RP - not with things like college, school and work.

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      I'm sorry hunnies. School has been piling up really hard, and then my shifts don't make it any better. By tommorrow, hopefully I'll have something to post

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