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  1. Just used the power of nothingness to get a Modest Gastly at the first try.

    1. Manes


      Are you, like, a Thief of Void?

    2. Void Hollow

      Void Hollow

      No. I'm just a pilgrim looking for the strenght to redeem myself...

  2. The new Mega Mewtwo looks awesome. The cat and dog Pokémon have pretty good designs imo. I couldn't care less for the fossils. I never really liked T-Rexes, not even when I was a children. I found the fact that they're mainstream pretty lame. Also, don't get me started on the other fossil. Mega Garchomp? That doesn't even exists for me. Mega Gengar is the boss. And yes, I'm still getting Chespin. Also, Mega Gengar is boss.
  3. Oh wow, Sigmund is not as bad as I thought... after all, he likes pie...
  4. You asked for it... but I still don't like spoiling, so i'll just tell you this much: Enter the Day-Care, talk to the old couple (both of them), leave, rinse and repeat.
  5. I've ran into like, 5 Amoonguss yesterday night. It was the first time I found them, too. Also, looking at the Obtainable Pokemon list, is there really an event for Snivy already? If so, please tell me what it is ._. R.I.P. Ditto
  6. So... is Shroomish really in the Island? All I seem to find there are Foonguss and Amoonguss.
  7. ...and I'm not getting a Contrary Serperior anytime soon... ...unless the Snivy event comes, that is.
  8. Darn, when the girl said that the morphing thing isn't cute I thought it was a Ditto... althought a Castform is fine, too... So uh, are there any other Dittos in the game save from the one that Team Meteor imprisoned?
  9. Since the evil PC bug took away my Ditto, I need another one. Where can I find a Sentret so I can evolve and trade it for another Ditto? Also, just out of curiosity, where can I find Shroomish?
  10. Serperior, Leaf Storm in his mouth while it's open...
  11. At the end of Episode 9, my team is also all about REPRESENTING, but it's representing the Grass-type. Ninetales (Lv 56) Timid Nature Drought -Flamethrower -Hex -Will-O-Wisp -Extransesory Had to use it a lot against Noel, and it got overleveled in the middle of the battle... anyway, when are Ferroseed and Ferrothorn and/or Rotom-C gonna come so I can replace this? I mean, no problem with Ninetails, but yeah... Grass-type... and I haven't been able to get a Root Fossil so far to get a Lileep... Tropius (Lv 52) Gentle Nature Chlorophyll -Leaf Tornado -Air Slash -Synthesis -Cut I miss Body Slam D: Ludicolo (Lv 53) @ Big Root Quiet Nature Rain Dish -Mega Drain -Rock Smash -Zen Headbutt -Hydro Pump ...I like Surf so much better than Hydro Pump... Leafeon (Lv 55) Gentle Nature Chlorophyll -Swords Dance -Leaf Blade -Last Resort (doesn't works properly lol) -Synthesis This guy is awesome. He skilfully landed three +6 Attack Critical Hit Leaf Blades in a row on Noel's Clefable (he had used a Hyper Potion after the first one) Venusaur (Lv 53) Quirky Nature Chlorophyll -Sleep Powder -Growth -SolarBeam -Double-Edge Waiting for Rock Slide... Serperior (Lv 54) @ Big Root Adamant Nature Overgrow -Coil -Strenght -Leaf Blade -Giga Drain I seem to get Adamant Snivys as Starter Pokémons very often. Best Starter, too. Waiting for Swords Dance and Aqua Tail...
  12. Seems fun... I'll be honest here, and tell stuff with base stats. HP: My lungs are smaller than standard ones, and that makes me quite vulnerable to a few illnesses. However, I'm not getting ill as often nowadays, so I'd say... Base HP: 75 Attack: I really try to avoid fighting and face the fact that it's no good. My family says I'm strong, but I doubt so. I also have no interest on lifting, since it'd probabily worsen my looks. Base ATK: 75 Defense: Once I'm fighting for something important, physical pain has no meaning to me and can be completely ignored, but I'll reduce it a bit because outside of these moments, I feel pain normally. Base DEF: 110 Special Attack: Althought I don't think so, people usually say I'm smart. Even though I am more mature than most people of my age and I seem to be better than most people at artistical matters like drawing and writing, I don't excel in anything else, and I'm just an average student. Base SP.ATK: 90 Special Defense: When somebody offends me, I either don't react at all, or I recover from it in seconds. To me, the most offensive thing there is is my past. Base SP.DEF: 120 Speed: I only got interested in losing weight recently, at this year's February. Walking and running are the physical activities I do the most, so I expect my speed to increase often now. I'd say... Base SPE: 110 Base stat total: 580 is not bad, but I'd probabily fit in BL or UU. Type: not only because the site's test said so, but I'll say I belong to Grass-type because I love seeing forest and stuff, and since I like drawing and writing, I use paper very often. Also, the small lunges I mentioned earlier, type-wise, would make me weak to Fire, Ice and Flying. On top of that, I have suffered a trauma that makes me fear insects or anything that looks like one. Ability: I'll say Contrary, because I always feel like I can't find my place in this world. That I'm empty while everything else is full. My moveset would probabily be: Leaf Storm (for the same reason as the Defense) Hidden Power (since I try to avoid fights, I feel like I'd have it... dunno what type, though) Giga Drain (I'll use it... the power to redeem myself) Reflect (I'll protect my allies... at any cost)
  13. Or maybe it's where Saphira decided to hide the bodies of the Meteor Grunts she killed. Dunno, maybe she likes irony...
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