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  1. Desper

    Gen 6 Sprites

    So what about when you mega-evolve a pokemon and then open the party window to say, check stats or moves or use an item?
  2. Not going to say I approve of the team, but that's more of an issue with the tiers here rather than your team itself. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, as they say. Genesect/Chandelure is a proven combo that is easy to use and abuse, especially with lack of preview. Again, I don't like seeing it, but it is effective within the tier and can wreck other teams in a single turn. Keldeo looks like somewhat of a threat to your team, but I didn't read everything so not sure if you have a counter in mind. I think it may be worthwhile to put Thunderbolt over Bug Buzz or Flamethrower (on Genesect obviously), seeing how you appear weak to several water types (and rain teams in general). Excadrill is, well... Excadrill. Can't say I'm a fan of Swift Swim/Sand Rush abuse either, but I suppose if you are going to run sand within these tiers you may well get the most out of it. I'm curious if there is any specific reason you decided on Iron Head, though. Is it for levitators maybe, like Lati@s/Balloon Terrakion? I haven't looked over the team too much so I'm not sure if you have counters in mind for those either. If you feel like you can deal with those or don't need Iron Head, I would consider running Rapid Spin over it. Your team is all grounded (sans the balloon) and also not particularly resistant to rocks. I understand that a coverage move can be valuable, but it's something to consider. I know TTar is a good counter for Lati@s, but it looks like you have a sash lead set for that... so idk. I might consider running a specially defensive set with Pursuit rather than Low Kick, but that's just my opinion. I just feel like pursuit is such a valuable move in the OU metagame, especially with a lack of team preview and a psychic immunity. If you did that, anyway, it might free up your Excadrill from that moveslot. It may just be me, but I don't feel like Garchomp is the best fit for your team. Its role seems to overlap with that of Excadrill, in that they are both physical sweepers with SD and have similar coverage. You may be better off running something like double dance Terrakion, mixed Lando, or even a dedicated rain counter such as specially defensive Celebi. Celebi and Landorus are especially versatile, and can do a lot of different things for your team. Not saying Garchomp is completely useless-- I'm not the one who made the team, so I'm not sure what you had in mind when putting it on there. Just thought I would offer some other choices. Getting kinda lazy here, so I will wrap it up by saying that it looks like a good team. You seem to cover a lot of threats from all ends of the spectrum. It's always hard to try and account for everything in the OU metagame, and even more so when there is no team preview and almost no limit to what the opponent can use. It's not perfect, as you have a striking weakness to rain, but you already know that since you mentioned it with Kingdra. Hope my points could help in some way, and if not, well at least you got another opinion. (Oh, and just as a side note, reading your other post-- Celebi could work as a last-ditch counter to Conkeldurr, if you have Psychic and manage to get him to a decent amount of HP. Not gonna run calcs or anything, but it should KO from somewhere around 70-80% if not being a OHKO. It pretty much walls Kingdra as well, unless it's like a DD set. On my S.def Celebis I like to run Giga Drain/Psychic/Recover/U-Turn.)
  3. I mean no offense, but I mostly disagree with this assessment. (also, I'm not trying to argue here, just using the thing mentioned in this post as talking points) If one is willing to take some extra time and look at the speed tiers for each leader type, a set up move like dragon dance can destroy your opponent, especially considering Moxie. In triple battles, when there is less time for setting up, a choice band can be used instead and the ability could be switched to intimidate if needed. Set up Scizor is arguably less of an asset in League than in normal battles, but I can still see its merit. It is definitely more versatile than a banded or scarfed set, and still has the ability to run either of those items when it would be more beneficial. The thing I like about Scizor on this team is that it can still be useful in triple battles. Jolteon and Mienshao are both very fast Volt-Turners, and if they are threatened out, they can dent something and switch out to bulky banded Scizor to take a hit. Scizor can then fire off a bullet bunch next turn to kill off the weakened threat. Scarf could even be used if bug bite gets better coverage against the leader than bullet punch. I think Mienshao can be very useful in League, although in this instance I do believe HJK would be much better than Drain Punch. It looks like the OP has already realized this, though. Fake Out on a fast pokemon is extremely useful in triple battles, and still very useful in singles on occasion. The combination of U-Turn and Regenerator is also nice for shifting momentum in singles and possibly snagging a kill while dodging a bullet in triples. As mentioned, HP Ice probably isn't the best choice for a coverage move, and given the build of your team I think Acrobatics, Stone Edge, or HP Electric would be better fits. Most of my qualms with this team are already mentioned in the OP's descriptions. Other than that, a move like Earthquake or Thunder/Thunderbolt would probably have been better than rocks on Tyranitar. I'm also going to go ahead and agree that Calm Mind is pretty useless on Chandelure, as it is neither bulky nor exception speedy, just average. Its typing defensively also leaves it unable to take a ton of hits. I would say that Fire Blast is probably a better choice, as it fits better on scarf/specs sets, and can help when you need that extra power over Heat Wave, especially since it is weakened in triples. Overall, I think it is a pretty well built team that both covers its weaknesses pretty well and also has the versatility to do what you need it do. In my humble opinion, versatility and adaptability are the most important things in League. Keep in mind that you are free to change your IVs, EVs, Items, and Abilities whenever you like, and don't be afraid to a little research. For example, you can run scarf Chandelure with just enough speed EVs to outspeed a certain speed tier. TTar can run band, specs, scarf, sash, whatever you need it to. Find out which Pokemon are most threatening that the leader can use, and find out ways to beat them. You might be able to run an unconventional item or EV spread and surprise them. You probably know these things already, but it is a strong point of your team so I wanted to mention it. Anyways, sorry for the long post, but I hope I could provide some useful thoughts about the team.
  4. Still cant pass the bridge haha
  5. iirc people just said you have to level up magnaton in the area that you catch them
  6. You could replace Mightyena with a water type. Maybe Lanturn, Quagsire, Vaporeon or Gyarados. Something decently bulky at least. I don't really like Unfezant, because they gave it crappy level up moves. Satraptor, Crobat and Honchkrow are better choices imo. Even Drifblim could be a good choice, although we don't have acrobatics in TM form yet. Typhosion is extremely "meh" with the limited TMs in this game, although I'm assuming you really like it since you chose it as your starter. I would rather use Arcanine, Magmar, or Ninetails, as they have better movesets, but that's just me. Eruption is still extremely far off. I'm not a huge fan of the various rock/ground dual types, as they tend to be slow and weak to a lot of attacks. However, I have heard that a lot of people have put Golem to good use, so I'm not sure. If you felt like replacing it for whatever reason, you might go with Magnezone like someone else suggested, or any other bulky attackers. Looking at your team and its strengths/weaknesses, you might also go with a grass type such as Lilligant, Whimsicott, Venusaur, or Roserade. Again, not sure how good Golem is, so yeah. Long post, sawwie :]
  7. I was able to evolve my Budew at level 16 in the first gym, all I had to do was run around for a while. I ran up and down along the train tracks if you know where that is. I would say that evolving Budew before or right at 25 is an absolute must though, as otherwise you lose out on giga drain, which is Roselia's primary attack for awhile. Leech seed at 16 is also nice, but not really as necessary as giga drain. Victreebel is just kind of.... Meh. Its moveset is pretty bad compared to Roselia's, the only thing better really is sleep powder over grasswhistle. Even then, it really just doesn't have as good of a movepool as Roselia, and after you get a shiny stone, Roserade just completely outclasses it.
  8. Most popular you're looking at Chimchar, Torchic and Charmander, and then some people have also highly recommended Turtwig. Although I don't think Turtwig would be as useful for the second gym, still seems like a solid choice.
  9. Look at the list of obtainable Pokemon
  10. Water is probably the hardest to start with, fire probably the easiest, and grass is just decent. I'll also say that you will probably be disappointed if you use your starter selection on Bulbasaur. I personally went with Chimchar, and it has treated me well. I also hear people say that Torchic is pretty OP as well. Really, though, it just comes down to whichever is your favorite-- you will eventually be able to fill in your team to counter the weaknesses of your starter. I suggest looking at the list of obtainable Pokemon to see what would make a good fit with your starter choice.
  11. I use teleport quite often, yes... I have no problems waiting if this could be fixed. There are several other things I can do before challenging the gym, so I don't mind at all.
  12. Pretty much all of this could be considered a spoiler for anyone who hasn't played this part yet, so gonna go ahead and put it in tags.
  13. I love Vaporeon :] You mentioned something about evolving and abilities changing? Is that only for stone evolutions?
  14. I would recommend Magnezone over Flygon, and Drapion is a good choice. The problem with Flygon is you would have to level up trapinch to 55 to get earthquake on it. Still a decent choice though, but I like to have 3 special attackers and 3 physical attackers on my teams anyway.
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