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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. Lol. If I cared about what people thought about me I'd be insecure about myself like you. I live life the way I want to and don't fear being trash talked, unlike some of the people I've met within this community who freak the shit out. And yes, it IS dead-ish, there's about 150 people in total. Showdown has over 2,000+, and Beta is about 1,000. Nobody cares, and when I say nobody, I'm not counting shit battlers like yourself, or well, shit isn't a nice word, how about.. skillful? Anyways, they don't care staisticlly wise about servers like Reborn. I come here and battle because of the seldom respectable people who battle here, including names like Moony, Hedron, Kamina, Emvee, FruitJuice, Mars, and Reaper. All of in who which I'm also in a clan with. Why? Because they have personalitys that suit my own. You surround yourself with reject people and claim to be top shit over others. Which is why we don't get along. If you could just get over the fact that I'm not leaving Reborn, and ignore me and the posts I put up, there'd be no problem between us. We don't have to be frieds, nor do we need to be enimes. You do this to yourself for atention, and to make yourself feel better. I feel bad for you, I honestly do, if you actually gave me a chance to get to know you, you'd see I'm not a bad guy. Ask Ame or Sapphire. I've talked to both of them on a different serious level about myself. You see me as a stubborn asshole who flames everyone, but, in reality, it's actually you. You're the one who won't drop a single argument, and never lets anything go. Which is probablly why you're so depressed. I'm typing this because I actually care about your well being, but that doesn't mean anythings going to change about you. 6 Months from now, I'm STILL going to be at Reborn, and it's up to you to care or not.
  3. Lol? What's your peak, like 1400? Besides, I play Beta more often since Reborn is dead-ish, peaked 1600+ many of times, as on reborn, once. Yes, I boosted a little because I wanted to hit 1700, though I was already around 1630. And all of you "logs" also show the same stasis. :]]]]]]
  4. Okay so, since this team has prooved sucess and capping over 1600 like mine have, I feel the need to rate this with subperb accusations. First of all, Ferrothorn isn't a nessicarily great check for scouting Turn 1. Even with Protect. Genesect's aren't usually choiced as much these days, since it has been given the Giga Drain move. If they just Rock Polish turn one knowing you're a ferrothorn, even though you pack T-Wave, they know you'll be scared of Flamethrower. Aftermore, +2 Gene outspeeds your whole entire team, including Kabutops under Rain. Personally, Shed Shell is really bad on Ferro, even for scouting Magnezone/Chandy. Magnezone is extremely uncommon on reborn, and in the fact you fear it, why doesn't Jirachi have something for it then? I feel you simply added it on there for it's abillity. Chandelure, in-fact is a TRUE threat to any team, even in or out of weather. In addition to this, Ferrothorn's Powerwhip is useless in the sense of you saying why you use it to hit a few alleged Pokemon. Gyro Ball with Minimun speed IV's and a negative speed can OHKO Tornadus, Salamence, and Gengar. All are Pokemon Power Whip is resisted against. In terms of that, T'wave wouldn't be helpful along side it, and you saying T'wave is for crippling Speedy mons, you've stated as well Kabutops is extremely fast. Leech Seed + Leftovers with Protect is amazingly a HUGE recovery, and in sense you won't be able to switch out from Chandy, Your only threat is just Overheat, and if You're even facing Chandy, chances are it's either on a Sand team, which you destroy, or a non-weather team, which you destroy. Politoed, in my opinion, doesn't need both Encore and Perish Song. You're correct on this though, it COMPLETLEY destroys BP teams very efficiently. Though, 80% of the time, once provoked to set up and getting encored, people will just switch out in fear you'll easily KO their set-up. Using Politoed as a lead, would be a more benificial lead and scout for Gene, other than Ferrothorn with the set I reccomended. Here's a unique offer of a moveset for Tornadus for you: Get rid of HP Ice. It literally is useless, no offense. Although it's x4 effective against the Pokemon you stated, Hurricane still OHKO's BOTH Pokemon you listed that HP Ice was for, seeing as Dnite would be hit by SR since you have it on Ferro. Putting Rain Dance on Tornadus over HP Ice lets you beat Sunny Day Ninetales, which is something your team is oh so VERY weak to. Get rid of Focus Blast as well, though it hits Skarmory and Tyranitar, Superpower actually fits the part better. Hurricane still does a nice 50% to Skarmory, and Superpower is still very powerful, and more accurate than Focus Blast. 267 attack, (I believe) can OHKO Blissey, and Tyranitar better. Get rid of Choice Specs on Tornadus, if you wish to use this set I'd reccomended to you, and put on a Expert Belt. It can boost the power of Superpower, and Hurricane, respectibly. Rain Dance on the Ninetales as it switchs into Venu, or whatever it decides and easily just threaten it back out again with Hurricane. Expert Belt easily can fluke out people thinking it's choiced, like a Ttar switch in to Hurricane, and simply OHKO with Superpower on the Pursuit and you won the weather war easily. In the conversation of Jirachi, not much to say. I'd put 36 speed EV's to outspeed common Tentacruel, in which you can Thunder. And SpDef Celebi. I'd put a Calm Nature, over Sassy, since Sassy actually HURTS you more than it helps you. Iron head may be less Attack, but it's meant to stall out pokes, or flinch, not nessicarily damage. I'd also swap Protect for U-turn to predict Chandelure switch ins, otherwise Jirachi is easily taken out. Although you can argue and say you can predict it, nothing is 100% accurate or perfect. U-turn also helps you gain Momentum for your team, like if the person switched into 9Tales, you can go into Tornadus and Rain Dance and etc. Momentum is KEY. Iron Head can flinch pokes so you can get your 100% recovery sucess with Wish. Though it's tedious and risky, it's almost always a sucess. Ain't much at all on Garchomp, standard Scarf set. On Kabutops, since I'm already tired of typing, lol, I'm going to make it short and explanitory. Life orb Jolly is far better than a situationally Air Baloon set. It always lets you beat Modest Kingdra, which isn't really what it's meant for, but more importantly, Ludicolo. Ludicolo can actually OHKO your entire team aside from Jirachi, who in which isn't even a solid check for Ludicolo. Rapid Spin over Aqua Jet is reccomended, since Spikes wrecks your team, and SR really hurts Tornadus. Aqua Jet is also a Situationally move, implying you will love the weather war. Otherwise, it's a dead weight move, and Rapid Spin is always a discussion over Aqua Jet.
  5. I don't know NU at all, like, at all... BUT; this looks sexy because of frillish and torkoal. Uh, maybe a shell smash torkoal? Idk the tier, just an idea I guess~ :-3
  6. I agree with Skwayz completely, Azu is kinda a letdown to this team.. if what you want is the aqua jet, just use a swords dance feraligatr :]
  7. Why thank you Ame [: Oh I know, when I saw that I couldn't resist it Saving up for a gasmask now
  8. Refrain from Crying Everything in RED is highlighted to give you a brief understanding if you are too lazy to read my descriptions, so please, for the love of Arceus, before posting useless comments, read what I typed. Introduction I love Rain teams, plain and simple. There is not a single team out there that can simply "stop" a Rain team. It's completely dominate compared to the other three weather users. Hippowdon/Tyranitar, Abomasnow, and Ninetales. Rain can be used in a handful of different ways too. Offensive, Stall, and Phasing. In my personal opinion, I prefer to use Offensive-based teams a lot. Not because Stall or anything of the sort is bad, but because I like a quick and clean victory. I have nicknamed my partners after fellow clan members, and friends I battle and enjoy my time with here on the Reborn Server. With that being said, let me introduce you to my newest and best team I currently have under my arsenal, peaking at #1 as of 12/11/12 with an astonishing 1578 ladder point. ~At a Hucking Glance~ Process of the Building Politoed is absolutelyneeded to allow consistent Rain to the field. Kingdra is probably the best partner to go with Politoed, simply because with Swift Swim, Kingdra outspeed everything, I mean, EVERYTHING, under rain, aside from like a +6 Speed Pokemon >_> The team so far was weak to Dragon and Grass, which Jirachi walls like a champ. Jirachi is also really good in Rain because you can utilize Thunder with Serene Grace for a monstrous 120 base attack, 100% Accuracy under rain, and 60% chance to paralyze. Seeing that I'm using Rain, why not abuse that? Tornadus can take care of pesky Amoonguss, Keldeo, Breloom, Blaziken, Conkeldur, and basically anything that doesn't want to take a STAB Hurricane under Rain... Also provides the team some Ground immunity since he's Flying type, and also a decent Fighting resist. You may think I'm an idiot for using Mamoswine in Rain, but friend; you are so wrong. Mamoswine can break through ENTIRE teams by himself, there is only a few Pokemon that can stand up to him. Slowbro, Bronzong, and Skarmory, to name a few. Which the rest of the team obviously can handle! Mamoswine provides me Electric resist since he's Ground-Ice type, Ice shard can wreck through Rock Polish Landorus, Dragonite, Salamence, Breloom, the occasional Sand Veil AcroBat Gliscor, and Tornadus. Stealth Rocks is also a must for every team, and Mamoswine can easily pivot that move into his arsenal, while still having beastly moves to wreck teams. Thick fat also sponges Fire and Ice type moves by 50%, and with Rain up, Fire moves are cut by 150% against Mamoswine, making him OHKO Volacarona with EQ, survive a Flamethrower from bulky Ninetales under Sun and EQ, Genesect's Flamethrower, and many more scenarios. Latias is my sixth and final member of this team. By looking at the glance you could easily see that I was weak to Thunderpulse Rachi, Rotom-W, Blaziken, and Venusaur. So what Pokemon fits this part better? None other than the infamous Latias :] Latias is a pure boss, like, shit... I don't know where to start. Latias' typing is amazing, and Levitate even helps that even more. She helps with my resistance to Electric, Fighting, and Ground. And can Roar out Baton Pass teams, or Thunderpulse Rachi's ~In Depth~ Kamina (M) @ Leftovers Trait: Drizzle EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk) - Scald - Perish Song - Protect - Toxic Genesect scouter is needed, Politoed plays this well. Always lead with Politoed and scout the Genesect, and make your move from there. Scald can help burn switched in Pokemon, or something trying to set up, like a Gyarados or Scizor for example. Perish Song is to help force out Baton Pass team, or if it's a late game situation, just hit Perish Song. Protect is to stall out the burn damage if given by Scald, Perish Song's count down timer, Scouting Pokemon, and stalling out Toxic's damage as well. Toxic is for Pokemon like Jellicent, Latias and Gastrodon, which Scald can't affect, but still makes them slowley die off. EV spread is given to max out survivability with HP, and also maximize the leftovers percentage received. Max Defense gives Politoed the most possible switch ins to Tyranitar's Stone Edge/Crunch's. Skwayz (M) @ Choice Specs Trait: Swift Swim EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Draco Meteor - Dragon Pulse - Ice Beam - Surf Most overpowered Pokemon in the game at the moment. Movepool, Stats, STAB's, Abillity, everything.. Choice Specs is so powerful on this guy, giving around 430 Special Attack of the start, and 590 Speed under Rain, Kingdra can do some serious work. Double damage under Rain, 95 Base power, STAB, Choice Spec'd Surf OHKO's a bunch of stuff. To name a few, Tornadus, Gengar, Lucario, Genesect, and Scizor. Draco Meteor tears through a bunch of stuff as well, and OHKO's Multiscale Dragonite with Specs. Dragon pulse helps sweep when you don't want to lose your Spatt from Draco. Ice beam is for coverage purposes. Things like, Amoongus, Serperior, and Celebi. Timid Nature to help win the war against other Kingdras, and the EV spread is to maximize damage and speed output. FruitJuice @ Leftovers Trait: Serene Grace EVs: 252 HP / 4 SAtk / 252 Spd Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Water Pulse - Calm Mind - Substitute - Thunder Jirachi is my Stall Breaker. This guy can switch into things like Latias, Chansey, Ferrothorn, Tentacruel, Forretress, Skarmory, Gyarados, Amoongus, Jellicent, man, the list goes on and on... Basically how to use this set to it's full abillity, just follow these simple steps. NEVER, NEVER EVER EVER, I mean, EVER, try and set up right off the bat on something like Gliscor because you have Water Pulse... Jirachi doesn't even sweep half the time, she is here to help break Stall, THAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE. If you lose Jirachi to foolish play, Stall can break you so easily. Switch in on something I listed, get a free Sub, Calm Mind depending on their switch / play they made. If they see what you're up to, DON'T continue and try to do it, they will find something with Roar and you will lose the chance. Thunder is to cripple Pokemon, and then try and get more free subs and continue the CMind process. Water Pulse is 40% chance to confuse since Serene Grace, and is also x2 because of the Rain. you could alternativley switch Water Pulse with Psychic/HP Water, but where's the fun in haxing then? Water Pulse hits stuff like Donphan, Mamoswine, Gliscor, Excadrill, and a bunch more. NEVER try hitting something with water pulse when weak to them and not under a sub, that's just plain stupid. Max HP and leftys provide survivability and recovery, max Speed is to outspeed stuff obviously, and 4Spatt for a little added punch. DarkDesire (M) @ Choice Specs Trait: Regenerator EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd Rash Nature (+Spd, -SDef) - Hurricane - Sleep Talk - Super Power - U-turn Choice Specs Tornadus is pure boss. Hurricane OHKO's so much shit it's not even funny. Gengar, Haxorus, Salamence, Genesect, Keldeo, Blaziken, Amoongus, Breloom, Lucario, Starmie, Infernape, and everything else that doesn't resist STAB Specs Hurricane fall to this behemoth. A rapid spinner would be a decent idea for this team since poor ol Torny is weak to them, but he has Regenerator, so it's like it never happened. Sleep Talk is for switching in on Breloom or Amoongus' Spore, then Sleep Talking and trolling by hopefully hitting a Hurricane and OHKO'ing their ass. Bahaha shout out to DarkDesire raging over the first time that happened to him, hence the nickname's for him :] Anyways, back to buisness. Super Power hits a few Pokemon, Heatran, Rotom-W, Chansey, Blissey, and Tyranitar, which are commonly switched in to sponge a Hurricane, so just predict that and knock off some powerful damage. U-Turn is for keeping momentum going, and scouting basically, scout for the Ttar instead of Hurricaning something and get a gameplan going. Nothing else really to say but max Spatt and Speed is obvious, and Rash nature to outspeed Starmies and other things like Dugtrio. ***UPDATED Thanks to Rupe for suggestion for Superpower*** Tyson (M) @ Life Orb Trait: Thick Fat EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Earthquake - Ice Shard - Stealth Rock - Superpower This set is named after Tyson because Tyson loves Piloswine. Thick fat is HIGHLY recommended, as it can sponge moves so much better, and knock off threats without hesitation. Earthquake is a powerful STAB that can OHKO most things actually. Ice shard is for KO'ing Rock Polish Landy, Techniloom, Dragonite, Salamence, etc etc. Stealth Rocks helps break Sash'd Pokemon, destroy Dragonite's MultiScale and then OHKO with Ice Shard, 50% to Volcarona, sponge Fiery Dance, and KO with EQ, and damage Sun Pokemon like Ninetales, Victini, and Darmanitan. Superpower deals with Blissey/Chansey, and Ferrothorn since the team lacks Psychical attackers to deal with Special Walls. It also helps KO a greedy user using an air balloon Excadrill trying to Swords Dance on Mamoswine. and none the less, Tyranitar. Rupe (F) @ Life Orb Trait: Levitate EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Roar - Psyshock - Surf - Recover I was actually very weak to Sun teams before I added Latias. If they switched in Ninetales on Toed, I had no safe switch for a Solarbeam/Fire Blast. Latias sponges both those moves, and also has roar to phaze out Baton Pass users, and most importantly, ThunderPulse Rachi. My team was easily get swept by Thunderpulse rachi too, and I had nothing for Rotom-W, or Blaziken at +2! So when I say Latias holds this team together, she really does, lol. Psychock hits Tentacruel, Conkeldur, Infernape, Blaziken, Breloom, Amoongus, Venusaur, and Keldeo. Latias also walls every single one of those Pokemon I just listed. Surf can be switched for Dragon Pulse, but I really like surf. Surf is double boosted under rain, providing a nice 1-2HKO depending on HP on Scizor, and around 35% to Spdef Tyranitar. Those are the only two Pokemon that really give her trouble. Recover is to Restore lost HPs obviously, since we have LO. LO is for the lack of damage output since we sacrificed Calm Mind with Roar for Jirachi. The EVs on Latias can be switched up by your personal preferance, but this is the setup that has been working the best for me. Max SpAtt is reccomended since we don't have Calm mind. And max speed lets us outspeed things like Terrakion, Keldeo, Landorus, Infernape, and another handful of Pokemon as well. ~Conclusion~ Thank you for reviewing my team, and I hope you all respect my time put into making this. Disclaimer: All images belong to rightful owners, I do not claim any of them. Shoutouts: FruitJuice Threat List: - Mamoswine/Politoed+Latias swapping - Tornadus, Latias - Politoed, Kingdra, Latias - Politoed Perish Song Stall/Jirachi Stall - Tornadus, Latias, Jirachi - Jirachi, Politoed Toxic Stall - Jirachi - Kingdra - Mamoswine - Kingdra - Latias, Kingdra, Tornadus - Jirachi - Mamoswine/Latias - Politoed, Kingdra, Latias, Mamoswine - Mamoswine - Latias, Tornadus - Jirachi, Mamoswine, Tornadus, Kingdra - Latias, Kingdra - Politoed - Mamoswine, Kingdra - Jirachi, Tornadus, Kingdra - Politoed, Kingdra, Latias - Tornadus, Latias - Jirachi - Politoed, Tornadus, Kingdra, Latias, Mamoswine - Kingdra, Politoed - Latias - Politoed, Latias, Kingdra - Latias, occasionaly Tornadus - Jirachi - Tornadus, Latias - Mamoswine, Kingdra, Tornadus - Jirachi, Kingdra, Mamoswine - Jirachi, Kingdra, Mamoswine - Kingdra - Politoed, Latias, Jirachi - Jirachi, Kingdra - Tornadus, Kingdra, Latias - Jirachi, depending on tie Kingdra - Politoed, Kingdra, Latias - Mamoswine - Politoed, Mamoswine, Tornadus - Jirachi, Tornadus - Politoed, Kingdra - Latias, Politoed, Mamoswine, Kingdra - Jirachi, Tornadus, Kingdra - Politoed, Kingdra - Kingdra, Tornadus - Mamoswine - Tornadus - Politoed, Latias - Jirachi if not +2 Att, same with Politoed, Kingdra - Latias, Mamoswine - Mamoswine, Kingdra
  9. Isn't my nose so fucking sexy, German kid up in here. lololololol
  10. Okay, just a few things here to add that might help. Timid Kingdra - Helps win the war vs other kingdras since you have nothing for it. Dragon pulse > Hydro Pump - Dragon pulse helps sweep when all the steel types are dead, and Hydro isn't needed since it's specs. Tornadus-T > Ludicolo - Tornadus-T Specs Hurricane wrecks almost everything, especially amoonguss since you are walled by it. He also helps against Techniloom which you also have a problem with. Just a few things I guess, pretty decent team for Rain. 7.5/10
  11. Nice team, Hedron. Although I don't play BL, still is nicely made. :] Might have trouble with waters after Celebi faints, but furthermore, well made! 8/10.
  12. Since this is my first year with you guys, I'd like it to be remembered. Count me in, Zipo. Oh, Kermit the Frog is my favorite thing in the world.
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