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  1. I see where you are coming from, but I slightly disagree with this one. It's not that I don't understand all the tools there are to handle this, I played without the hardcap before and have used this mod to enable it for a few times, when this mechanic got too annoying for my taste. The reason why the option was removed, was that it is now native ingame. However, I consider the ingame function a little bit inferior to this mod in ep18, in terms of flexibility. Maybe it's wrong to ask here, and instead would be better to ask for an option in the basegame similiar to unrealtime, when the password was entered, I don't know, but I believe for the current status, there is still a reason to keep or re-add that option. If Aironfaar decides against it, I'm fine with that as well, but I thought it didn't hurt to ask, as I still would love to see it. Edit: I just looked into it and wrote a small thing for myself, not sure if it is breaking forum etiquette to attach it here (will remove if so), but if someone has the same weird wish for it then it might help them. Anyway, thanks for the feedback you all! Edit2: Fixed a crash in title menu when opening options AMB - AddOpt_ExpTogglePasswordHardcap.rb
  2. I just tested it with a new file, apparently I also need to have a data chip to disable the password or disabling it isn't availabe right at the start. Also the remote pc would just be a workaround I would prefer not to use, as it might be something I unlock through the game anyway(?) and it isn't usable without data chips it seems. As I said, I could and will use workarounds for that, like the ones mentioned here, if that feature wont come back. But I would prefer to toggle it like it was possible before with this plugin at any time, without anything I need to take care of (like entering passwords, giving myself things, etc.)
  3. That would most likely work yeah. Didn't know you could disable passwords, thanks for the info. However it still feels like a loss of flexibility for me. I would use the method, if there is no alternative sure, but if I am not near a pc and want to change the cap or in worst case I would need some items and/or need to be in a special place for reenabling them, it wouldn't be the same as an everytime (free) option like before. I might be a little bit picky, however I enjoyed the freedom to decide it everytime and wherever I currently am. :)
  4. While Exp.All would somehow work, it's not a good solution for me. It would force me to use it whenever I want to have the hard cap, but that comes with the effect of exp all, which I personally dislike a lot at early and mid game. Yes, a toggle like with unrealtime would be awesome. Though I would prefer it, if the toggle is always present when the addon is installed and not just when I typed "hardcap" as password. If it is possible to add a toggle for this "password entered" status, it would basically restore the old feature but using the native games function. In whatever way, I would greatly appreciate that toggle to give me the control at any time in the game.
  5. Hi, is there a possibility to get this option back again? I currently prepare for a new playthrough and I really liked the option to enable or disable this function. How I understand it, the option in the base game is a permanent thing you activate from the beginning and cannot disable it. Therefore a toggle would still be nice, either for people with old save games, but also for people like me, who don't want to lock themselves into the hardcap, but instead just wants to turn it on, when it gets too annoying. Edit: I saw the readded "AMB - AddOpt_ExpPastCap" File, but the option itself doesn't appear to be working the way I described above, that you can completely disable the hardcap.
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