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  1. Well I think the new update somehow messed up the elemenatist ability that seikamater has. I am getting an error every time I try to use a move affected by it during rain in grass terrain that results in a turn skip. errorlog.txt
  2. Also I am not sure if this is intentional or not but s51-a is not learning recover either. Edit: I figure that this might have been for balancing reasons due to how early you can get him and the fact that he can learn roost later on which is slightly worse since it grounds you if you have levitate. Double Edit: I was wrong about roost being worse. Interestingly enough roost does not ground pokemon with levitate like it does to flying type pokemon so it is basically the same thing as recover.
  3. I am not 100 percent sure if you have coded in the fallout field effect yet, but if you have then I figured I would let you know that Xenoqueen's line is not learning it. It is supposed to be level 56 for xenomite, 61 for xenogen, and 65 for xenoqueen.
  4. Gothetelle is alongside Mega Gengar as one of the most feared trappers in the entire game. I guess most people just glance at pokemon stats and assume things based on that. Meganium and delibird are bad. Gothetelle is amazing. Gothetelle may not look good on paper due to it not having flashy big stats in offense, but many ou and uber pokemon quake in fear of it due to its ability to easy counter many powerful commonly used pokemon in every tier. The reason it is good is because it has the winning combination of having decent bulk, the ability shadow tag, moves like charm, calm mind, and confide that either lower the attack stats of other pokemon very quickly (which cannot be reset due to them being trapped with shadow tag) or buff your defenses, taunt, trick room, and immunity to stat effects due to rest. Most commonly Gothetelle is used in teams with alot of sweepers like mega raquaza as it can easily neutralize tanks like lugia or ferrothorn and give you a free turn for those sweepers to set up due to taunt and shadow tag forcing the the useless tank pokemon to use a weak attack on a sweeper instead of switching out to get rid of the taunt debuff. Alternatively it can stay in and pp stall all of the attack moves out of choice item users, tanks, and supports and force them to kill themselves with struggle very quickly due to taunt locking them out of their other moves and Gothetelle's natural bulk. The most common trapper set pretty much counters any pokemon that is not ghost type, a wall breaker, or a sweeper pokemon that does not have taunt or shed shell. The best comparison I can think of with this pokemon that it is similar to imposter ditto but it counters choice item users, tanks, and supports instead of sweepers and wall breakers like ditto does. If you are not prepared for this pokemon in competitive play it can easily kill all of your tanks and support pokemon with little to no difficulty whatsoever and help set up for sweepers that can decimate the rest of your team. Edit :I forgot to mention that it also learns cosmic power, foul play, and stored power if you have the uranium mod or another mod that adds gen 8 tms as well. Also, I didn't realize that shadow tag gothetelle actually got banned to uber tier. Which makes sense because of how good it was. It is fairly commonly used in ubers.
  5. @elixirmaster It is posted on the main page but the energy core that you get from the peridot ward lets you change some pokemon into their nuclear forms.
  6. Does seikamater learn quiver dance at level 65 in this mod like it does in uranium? It is not listed as one of its moves in the pbs. Instead it lists hydropump as being learned at 65 instead of the usual 55.
  7. Personally, I don't think it is boring. If anything it is actually balanced and opens up a lot of options for all pokemon that have access to it. Sorry, I have not gotten far enough to try out the new dynamax forms so I was not sure how you did them. If you do increase the speed rather than than the hp for some of the stronger pokemon like gengar which also have mega forms then they will actually have less options to play with in some cases since dynamax gives a good bulky alternative for gengar that hits for slightly more damage, is a little slower, and does not have shadow tag. That being said, adding a few buffs to weaker ones like pikachu's, meowth's, eevees's, and butterfree's gigantimax forms might make them usable. You could probably increase all of their base stats by 1.5 instead of just the attack and special attack and they would still not be as good as a lot of other megas and dynamaxs.
  8. For dynamax pokemon an easy stat block that would be accurate to the main games is to double the base hp and multiply the base attack and special attack by 1.5 while keeping the other stats the same. This would be only slightly weaker to the main game's dynamax calculations if you are not factoring the evs as in the equation, getting immunity to hax moves, or changing the moves into super crazy max moves that turn your pokemon into a juggernaut, but the dynamax form lasting more than 3 turns makes up for this. Also I am just curious but is ash greninja in the mod?
  9. I am sorry if this has already been answered and I missed where it was answered, but can we still get the plate alt forms and ability bonuses from the plates of arceus mod when only playing with this mod and are the events/locations that are in the plates in arceus mod and were in the custom download that you had uploaded no longer in this mod? Edit: Nvm I saw where my question was answered already. I some how missed it the first 2 times when reading the main page. I am going to really miss those plate abilities and and forms, but this mod is still amazing. You have done great work on it.
  10. It was one where he first got the mega form on route 1. I am not a hundred percent sure it did not work. I just don't remember getting a notification that my speed went down one stage.
  11. I think it is because it is shiny, but Fern's Mega Arbok does not change it's sprite when it mega evolved. It just keeps the same shiny sprite. I don't think it had petrify as it's ability either.
  12. Can only Pahar learn nuclear moves in its evolutionary line? I know this was the case in Pokemon Uranium due to it being an event pokemon, but I think I read somewhere that you had changed some of the move lists up. The reason why I want to know is because I caught a pretty much perfect version of its second stage form with nearly 31 ivs in everything, a good ability, and I think a timid nature, but that does not really mean much if it cannot learn nuclear moves.
  13. Sorry, I misunderstood your question earlier DarkLugiaX. The totem pokemon I have found are pretty much all from exits from the undernet. You can find the undernet either by rock smashing the wall in the teachers lounge of 2nd gym or by entering it through the cave in the forest where you fight the 2nd tangrowth boss. It is a dark huge winding cave with a ton of content.
  14. I am so sorry I got mixed up and thought I was on another mod's page. I do really love your work with this mod though.
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