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  1. ty vm dude, this will make my playthrough much more fun :D
  2. Like the title says i would love to have an axew instead of a dhelmise, im a big fan of dragon pokemons! Game.rxdata
  3. im struggling with a nidorano with hustle, i need this moon stone so bad and cant find, some old videos saying i could find it on route 3 but the cave is so diffrent now, anyone could tel me where i can find a moon stone?
  4. After training my sceptile i was going to get him the right evs so i used reset discs to speed up the clearing process, but after a few minutes farming evs i noticed that nothing changed, tried berries but didnt fixed it. Game.rxdata
  5. ty dude, i realy apreciate it :D
  6. thats the problem, he didnt gave me the rod, i didnt even got the right dialog
  7. ep 18 - I have talked with simon in the city and he told me about the lake, ive been there and searched all bodies, the fisherman is giving me the wrong dialog and simon is not at the apartment anymore, am i missing something? ill link the save file if its necessary to fix some kind of bug. Game.rxdata
  8. Im just playing through the game and i got my garchomp a little wile ago, i found a quest that gives the mega stone but i have absolutely 0 patience for breeding and finding every single one of the starters, could anybody give me a hand and drop the eggs?? Game.rxdata
  9. tanks , i realy apreciate it :D
  10. Can anyone help me droping one exp share in my save file ? Game.rxdata
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