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Rainbow Team: An Attempt

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Hey all,


I've managed to beat EP18 (woooo) and now I'm currently revamping my team. 


tldr: This team started as an attempt to exploit the Rainbow Field, but I was looking for more advice + wanted to know if xyz works.


Team Details:

(They are all rotating around atm)

Delphox (Magician) - Fire Pledge, Mystical Fire, Psyshock, FILLER

> I'm looking for filler moves, which probably will end up being Sunny Day?

> Not sure if it's worth keeping both Fire Pledge and Mystical Fire?


Primarina (Torrent) - Water Pledge, Sparkling Aria, Moonblast, Misty Terrain

> Same as Delphox: Water Pledge AND Sparkling Aria?

> Misty Terrain is easier to setup: should I replace it though?


Roserade (Technician) - Giga Drain, Weather Ball, Extrasensory, Leaf Storm

> Same as Delphox: Giga Drain AND Leaf Storm?

> Technician atm is only for Giga Drain in Factory Fields; I can try to get different Hidden Powers?


Yanmega (Speed Boost) - Bug Buzz, Air Slash, U-Turn, FILLER

> Probably Giga Drain? 

> Was considering Sonic Boom as FILLER but I wasn't sure it was worth with the current HP values of 200-300++ atm for Pokemon ~level 90+


Weavile (Pickpocket) - Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Night Slash, FILLER

> Mainly because I need some form of answer to Psychic and Ghost
> I use Weavile for it's Dark typing and Physical Dark attacks (Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse is weaker in Rainbow fields)


Galvantula (Compoundeyes) - Sticky Web, Thunder Wave, Bug Buzz, Discharge

> Mainly Sticky Web setup

> IDK if it's worth atm


(NB Following 3 are just strong physical attackers)

Metagross (Clear Body) - Hammer Arm, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, Zen Headbutt

> Strong Steel type coz why not lmao.

Lucario (Justified) - Close Combat, Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, Meteor Mash

> When I need to use CC


Garchomp (Sand Veil) - Stomping Tantrum, Dragon Claw, Iron Head, Rock Slide

> Strong Ground Type 


I'm also considering the following Pokemon/ideas:
- Castform is being trained but I'm not sure how good it is

- Noivern is decently fast, but Boomburst hits adjacent mons, and I don't have any ghost types (Does Boomburst hit adjacent ghost types in Rainbow Field?)

- Altaria has Cloud Nine, Hyper Voice, Dragon Pulse: should I use it or it's Mega Form? How does Pixilate work with Hyper Voice in Rainbow Field?

- Drampa is Altaria but slower and stronger?

- Is Aurora Veil worth it?

- Can I abuse Cosmic Power or Wish?


The way I see it atm that aren't leaving my team are Delphox and Primarina core; the rest are (relatively) expandable. 

Would appreciate any help, sorry for the long post!

EDIT: This might help: https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Rainbow_Field


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7 hours ago, ArthurZH said:

The way I see it atm that aren't leaving my team are Delphox and Primarina core; the rest are (relatively) expandable.

Oops. I was going to suggest you a passive weather core with Drizzle and Drought abilities. Without it, it will be very hard to set up the rainbow field in less than three turns.


Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, but with Pledge moves, the Rainbow Field will last 5 turns while with weather, it can last 8.


As for your team, something with Serene Grace could be broken in this field.

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Since the Pledge combos do "generate" their respective Field Effects, they can be extended by the Amplifield Rock (provided it's held by the second pokemon in the combo). This should help make that method a bit more reliable, right?


Speaking of reliably setting up the Pledge combos, here's a set that'll help get them going more reliably in Single Battles:

"Vibrant Pledgemaster"



Silvally-Normal @Amplifield Rock

Ability: RKS System (not that there's much of a choice here...)

Attack 1: Fire Pledge

Attack 2: Water Pledge

Attack 3: Hyper Voice

Attack 4: Parting Shot

Nature: Timid (+Spd, -Atk.)


Between USUM giving silvally access to the Pledges (though a bug prevents it from actually learning Grass Pledge in the main games...) and Reborn's unique mechanics, the chimera has carved out a niche for itself that happens to align quite well with your goals here. By putting both the Fire and Water Pledges on a single pokemon, you make it so you no longer need to worry about awkwardly pivoting your delphox and primarina about to finish the job. Parting Shot let's silvally duck out of battle once the Rainbow is set up, while nerfing the enemy's damage potential and possibly getting your next pokemon in safely. Hyper Voice is here just for the Field-boosted STAB, admittedly, but should prove handy if it ever has to go toe-to-toe with a Water Type that would otherwise wall it.

Note that you should keep the Pledges on your delphox and primarina if you grab this, since it's always nice to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.


Delphox: I recommend slipping Grass Knot on this one as soon as possible. That will give it a Super Effective coverage option against the many Rock, Ground, and Water Types that threaten it's lifespan. The TM is admittedly a bit far into the game, and you have both of the other parts of the FWG Core already, but what's wrong with being a little more self-sufficient? If that doesn't suit your fancy, you could go for Dazzling Gleam instead- it's only a little farther in the game, and it lets delphox blast enemy Dark Types with an attack that gets boosted in both Rainbow Field and Misty Terrain.


Primarina: This one's a bit an odd one. On one hand, having more than one way to twist the battlefield to your advantage is a sound idea, and Misty terrain isn't too dissimilar to Rainbow Field to begin with. On the other hand, though, the two are different enough that a lot of your pokemon won't be able to take quite as much advantage of the mist as they would the rainbow, so it'll probably be best used in situations where you need Misty Terrain's most significant differences to claim the victory. If you decide that it just isn't able to pull its own weight most of the time, you do have the option of replacing Misty Terrain with Psychic- this will let it strike at opposing Poison Types that seek to take advantage of its Fairy weaknesses, though it'll still have to rely on others to deal with opposing Steels anyway.


Roserade: Hidden Powers aren't able to be manipulated, at least not at the current point in time. I'd still keep Technician as the Ability since the Factory Field continues to be ridiculously common even into the lategame, and it's not like roserade's other Abilities are all too impressive anyway. If you ever find yourself feeling like Leaf Storm's Sp. Atk. drops are too much of a hindrance to work with, you could probably get away with replacing it with Magical Leaf- it always gets the Technician boost, benefits from Misty Terrain, and can't miss under normal circumstances, making for a fairly stable option. Another option would be to trade something out for Nature Power. It turns into Aurora Beam in the Rainbow Field, and while it does miss out on the Technician boost (65 BP moves are so annoying...), it does allow roserade to function as a Field-boosted Dragon-and-Birdslayer with a 20% to drop their Attack stat if they survive. It also just helps with coverage on other Fields in general (in case you find yourself unable to set up your own for whatever reason), which is a potent tool on its own accord.


Yanmega: This one's got an interesting option: Silver Wind's* power is boosted on Rainbow Field and its omni-boost chance is doubled to a hearty 20%. It's still a bit weaker than Bug Buzz, but being far more usable than it was across the board makes it an interesting option. Yanmega in general has an issue with being hard-walled by Steel Types, but picking up a couple boosts along the way would certainly help; if you decide to take this path, trading Speed Boost for Tinted Lens (double damage to NVE attacks) might be a good idea. If not, then Giga Drain is probably the more useful of the moves you mentioned, I think.

*Silver Wind is an Egg Move for yanmega


Weavile: This one... just seems a touch lacking in options? I guess Fake out could be used for the last slot because, well, it's Fake Out, but eh. It doesn't have any means of taking advantage of the Field Effect, and the Magical Seed its wasted on it, so those shenanigans aren't exactly the wisest course of action either... 


Aurora Veil: In a vacuum, this move would certainly be worth it. Setup-free, one round Dual Screens? Yes please! The issue is that the small pool of pokemon that get it aren't exactly the most useful for you. Alolatales' Snow Warning both actively hinders the party with chip damage and destroys the Rainbow Field, and its other Ability useless without Hail (thus making into a primarina role-wise). Alolaslash and glaceon are also Ability-less without the the Hail, mew and articuno are unavailable, and both froslass and delibird are uninspiringly frail as Veil setters. With jynx and cryogonal sharing the flaw of glaringly low Physical bulk and aurorus having a bizarre inability to even learn Aurora Veil in the first place, I just can't bring myself to recommend it this time. I guess glaceon at least has the advantage of also having access to the buffed Wish?


Altaria: I wouldn't suggest running the Mega for this one, at least not for anything more than just using Mega Altaria normally. The Field Notes specify that post-Normalize attacks benefit from the buff to Normal attacks, which heavily suggests that it looks at the moves Type after its been filtered by the Ability, so a Pixilated Hyper Voice wouldn't get the damage buff. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised that the cloudbirb doesn't have more ways to use the Rainbow Field- it seems like it'd be thematically fitting to me. At least Mega Altaria is a good 'mon on its own, right?


Hopefully my long and drawn-out thoughts will be some use to you, and good luck on your colorful endeavors!

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Thanks for the tips @Autumn Zephyr and @Des Teto! 


I will take Silvally into training ASAP. That's a good shout.


I considered briefly Drought/Drizzle mons. My main issue with them is that Politoed, Pelipper, Ninetales (Kanto) and Torkoal are all mons which didn't seem to benefit more from the field, and in fact look (BST wise) not ideal either. I'd end up instead running some form of hybrid Rain/Sun team, which tbh sounds intriguing....


The second issue I had with weather was I didn't like that I could not fire off strong fire/water moves whenever the wrong weather was up. This normally means Delphox couldn't KO some steel/grass Pokemon while they're both out. It's why I didn't think of it first....but I might still give the weathers a shot? I'm quite indecisive atm. 


I'm thinking that IF I do a weather based one, I'll probably end up going

- Heliolisk (Thunder, Hyper Voice, Solar Power/Dry Skin idek yet)

- Swift Swim abuser?

- Sun abuser? Preferably Grass type? Chlorophyll + weather ball = Victreebel.....??? Grass Pledge Venusaur??
- Weather Setter 1

- Weather Setter 2

(Suggestions welcome! I can't think of anything good with the field's moves :/)


Re Aurora Veil: I agree tbh, and I might consider Froslass, but not having Shadow Ball on it seems stupid, and that move is useless in the field...but I was also today years old when I realised it can learn Weather Ball. I'll think about it!



Re Altaria: I'll keep it with me, and I think I'll give it the Mega Stone in the event the fields don't go off. Feel like I don't have more items to give it anyway, and it'll probably have the moveset Hyper Voice/Dragon Pulse/Moonblast/Roost? Any details welcome!


Re movesets: Thanks for all the suggestions! ATM since all the moves recommended bar SIlver Wind/Giga Drain on Yanmega are TM moves, I'll keep rotating them around based on who's on the team vs which person in what field. I think I'll end up going Grass Knot on Delphox, and I'll bear the Psychic option for Primarina. (I'm mainly using Misty Terrain as an ASAP change of terrains when I can't use pledges because swapping in etc).


Thanks everyone for your suggestions, but if you have more to critique please lmk! Always glad to hear opinions!

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