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Heya! This is my first post on the forums, just finished Episode 18 and I gotta say that Reborn outshines the actual pokemon games by a longshot. I LOVE IT!
Anyway, Amaria and Hardy were my toughest challenges with this team, but i've gotten to it. Heres the 6 that have been MVP's throughout the game. (Btw i'm not a super competitive battler so if yall got suggestions to me for movesets or items, go ahead, but the pokemon themselves are staying.

Knight (Aegislash)
Max EV's in attack+speed, max ivs
item: spell tag
ability: Stance Change
-Swords Dance
-King's Shield
-Iron Head
-Shadow Sneak
strat: swords dance+king's shield followed by a shadow sneak sweep, iron head is for stab on beefy rock types and whatever else

Chompy (Garchomp)
Max EV's in attack+speed, max ivs
item: dragon fang
Ability: Rough skin
-fire fang
-stone edge
-dragon rush
strat: just power through, i would go for sand veil or whatever his other ability is for a sandstorm setup but if it backfired it would mess with other peeps on my team.

Blaze (Typhlosion)
Max EV's in Sp. Attack + speed, max ivs
item: wise glasses
ability: flash fire
-lava plume
strat: spam eruption, havent had a reason to drop lava plume or flamethrower yet, any suggestions would be nice!

Medi (Medicham)
Max EV's in attack+speed, max ivs
item: black belt
ability: pure power
-fake out
-zen headbutt
-high jump kick
strat: fake out followed by acupressure with a prayer that its in attack, kick and headbutt everything

Amy (Gardevoir)
Max EV's in Sp. Attack and speed, max ivs
item: gardevoirite
ability: Synchronize/pixelate
-calm mind
-hyper beam
-draining kiss
strat: mega evolve+calm mind once or twice, draining kiss hp back then psychic, hyper beam for bulky bois

Cindy (Cincinno)
item: wide lens (looking for king's rock)
ability: skill link
-tail slap
-rock blast
-bullet seed
strat: whittle everything down after using sing, once i have king's rock ill replace sing with something else then power through everything with 42% flinch rate or whatever percent it is (thanks Noel for showing my the darkness of skill link, lol)

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If I’m not mistaken, King’s Rock like rest of the other “specific” trading items are usually located around 10th Floor Obsidia Department ( Final floor is the pent house after)

Considering you’ve completed version 18 and collected the remaining department stickers, you’ll easily obtain such an item..

Though I do remember finding wild Hawlucha’s around route 2 holding King’s Rock and other wild Pokémon requiring such item for their evolution (Poliwhirl and slowpoke line).


Ahh brings me back memories when I was training Frisk Noivern for bloody Samson... AHH YEEEESSSS Air Slash + King’s Rock 😈... good times.. good times indeed.

Also may I be the first to welcome you to the Reborn Community, feel free to check around and suffer amongst the other peepoes who’ve lost their sanity

Read the guidance/rules whenever you get the chance and help out others who might find themselves struggling in Reborn whenever.

( Whiles I have respect for you utilising acupressure/drain kiss, I don’t see culture in your eye’s as your typlosion doesn’t have Grassium Z (Grass Knot)).

Bloom Doom changes the field into Grassy terrain in this game. And you and I, exactly know what to with this field...fufu..oh I’m sorry..ahahaBWAHAHHAAA137945E7-F2BA-49D0-801C-5CD695861DD7.thumb.jpeg.ba941574329c71d284f5faecc134a25e.jpeg


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I never knew typhlosion could learn grass knot. Gimme some of that tea, where do i find grassium Z in the game? That is gonna be too good of an opportunity to miss.

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Oh..you haven’t been exploring as much. Well getting this particular Z crystal kinda complicated.

If memory serves me well (Been long damm while touching later stages of Reborn), this particular crystal is rewarded throughout the Azurine Center quest.

If you’ve already given your donations towards the grand hall, the azurine expansion will open up with many quest, new Pokémon to catch (Bulbasaur, Heracross), and items.

Although the sidequest  demands 2x Simisage and Lurantis with other duplicate having opposing genders (Female Simisage, Female Lurantis, Male Lurantis, Male Simisage).

Give those 4 mons toward one of the NPC in Azurine Lake, then go back to the Grand hall. Speak with...ahhh shoot ahhh.. just talk to somebody around the office and eventually you this he/she that’ll reward you the Grassuim Z



Feel free to give me them hearts

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Replace iron head with sacred sword on aegislash. More coverage. Also, maybe use lefties over a spell tag?

Replace fire fang with stomping tantrum on garchomp. You need STAB, plus you could get the boost if dragon rush or stone edge miss.

Replace lava plume with nature power on typhlosion. Already have 2 other fire moves

Replace acupressure with bulk up on medicham. Bulk up is more reliable than acupressure.

Replace hyper beam for t bolt on gardevoir. With calm mind, you really don't need a move like hyper beam

Kings rock is somewhere in the water part of apophyll.

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Get rid of typhlo if possible.For fire types I prefer incineroar because of It's great bulk and offense with a handy intimidate.Use ice punch on medicham instead of acupressure.Why does cincinno has sing though?Other than that nice job.

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Personally, I love your team. I think you have good coverage and the fact that you don't overlap your typing is great! The only mon that stands out to me is Cinccino. I actually used to run with one on my team and while I agree that it was invaluable in me progressing in my current playthrough, around level 50 he started to become obsolete due to it's overall stats. Have you considered switching it out before? Perhaps with a Flying type? Not only is it great for utility-being able to fly you around the map, but many are incredibly fast with high attack. For instance, maybe grab yourself a Staraptor? Maybe an Aerodactyl or Archeops? Crowbat? Those would add some good balance to your team and be fantastic sweepers!

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