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Darvan Korematsu

Best Steel Mono You'll Ever See

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If I never made it clear enough ever, I love mono Steel. I would die for a team like this. On Showdown, I have used this team and I've gone on a good winning streak for the past few days. Quite frankly, I love the Steel types for their multiple resistances and offensive and defensive presences depending on the Pokemon. This team is about as good as one can make mono Steel, and here we go.

Scizor (Scizorite) @ Technician

Adamant 252 HP 252 Atk

-Swords Dance

-Bug Bite

-Bullet Punch


This guy is not exactly the star of the show, but he pulls through for me more often than not. Since I don't run a CB set, and it takes up my Mega slot, I run Swords Dance on it. If Mega Metagross or Lucario were available I would definitely consider running them. This is a standard Mega set, except for the odd SP for those who favor Roost. Superpower is to get a nice neutral hit on a lot of Fire switch-ins.

Klefki (Leftovers) @ Prankster

Bold 252 HP 252 Def


-Thunder Wave

-Foul Play


The little keychain is always a nice addition to pretty much any team that needs a status support. My favorite hazard setter and disrupter that also equates in a Steel type. It is so fun to watch tanks duke it out with the keychain while it lays up to 3 layers of Spikes, spreads T.Waves like Ebola, and wails on physical attackers by using their best strength against them\

Heatran (Choice Scarf) @ Flash Fire

Modest 252 Sp. Atk 252 Spd

-Flash Cannon


-Earth Power


Heatran is THE ONLY reason I never get ass-face destroyed by mono-fire by being able to absorb all Fire attacks and cover Fire types as well. Flash Cannon is standard STAB to hit Fairies and Rock. Overheat is an excellent power move that gives me an excuse to switch out, being using it more than once is never really a good idea. The other moves are pretty much filler. If I slap a Scarf on this baby, it can outrun almost every single relevant unboosted Pokemon out there.

Bisharp (Focus Sash) @ Defiant

Adamant 252 Atk 252 Spd

-Iron Head

-Sucker Punch

-Knock Off

-Low Kick

Bisharp requires a little more explanation. It's the only priority I run. Hits Ghosts and Psychics a little easier. The only Knock Off user on my team that can afford the slot for it. Defiant is a decent enough ability. Low Kick is good for certain coverage and to hit on neutral switches if one fears for their life.

Excadrill (Choice Scarf) @ Mold Breaker

Adamant 252 Atk 252 Spd

-Iron Head


-Rock Slide


Standard Scarf set on an Excadrill. Only other member of my team that gives me a chance against mono Fire with an incredible Earthquake and Rock Slide if I need to switch. Iron Head is reserved more for Fairies and X-Scissor is more for Psychic, Grass, and Dark coverage.

Ferrothorn (Leftovers) @ Iron Barbs

Relaxed 252 HP 252 Def


-Stealth Rock

-Power Whip

-Thunder Wave

Another generic Ferrothorn set. I prefer Power Whip over Gyro Ball, because mono Ground tends to destroy this team, and Power Whip is a good consistent move to give me a chance, since those teams are generically bulky to begin with. Standard Rocks for entry hazard chip and T.Wave for crippling.


Opinion: I could use Jirachi instead of Bisharp, but I personally prefer Bisharp more. This team has an ok matchup with Fire and Ground, but lacks in the Fighting department. I believe investing more in Jirachi may help me in the long run. Any help would be appreciated.

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Not sure how useful Bisharp is on the team considering you already have priority Bullet Punch on Scizor and Twave on Klefki, especially Bisharp doesn't help resist any of the main weaknesses while stacking up 4x fighting weakness itself. Try Skarmory as it's immune to ground and tanks most fighting types like a boss.

Normally I'd say no to the 2 scarfs on your team, but in monotypes certain attacks are a lot more spammable than others, though just play carefully so you don't end up locking yourself in an undesirable move. If you want Jirachi, you can probably switch it out for Ferrothorn (if you decide to use Skarmory) or Bisharp if you decide to keep thorn.

Some things to consider, hope it helps, and yes Mega Metagross is still OU so you may consider just because of how strong it is.

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It looks really cool! (: Are you planing to use it on the ladder? (I used to be number 9 before ORAS), and I used the steel monotype!, I suggest you to use bulky Scizor, it wrecks most MonoGrounds, Rock, Fairies, Dragons and Ice. But being completely honest is just a death fodder vs Mono Fire and Water..(Water always were a problem for me, I didn't use Ferrothorn)

Another thing is that you should use Jolly Scarf Excra so you can outspeed Adamant Charizard X after a DD.

And yes, you should try Scarf Jirachi!, it's a God when it comes to beat Mono Fighting, with Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, Trick and UTurn/Healing Wish.

Las thing is I'd switch that Klefki for a Skarm, which helps A LOT vs mono Fighting and Ground, but Klefki is good for annoying... it's your choice.

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