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  1. Hey I can trade you one. When are you online?
  2. Ame said she'd take a break between the E19 and Post Game scoreboards, if you look at her first post on this thread. Soooo release is probably 6 months away...
  3. Vendor Name: @Starry Knight Requested Pokemon : 6 IV Ditto (For breeding purposes) Offered Pokemon : Dratini Gender : Male Ability : Marvel Scale Nature : Hasty IV Spread : 31/31/22/31/31/31 EV Spread : 0/0/0/0/0/0 Pokerus : No Shininess : No Egg Moves : Item : Can attach a heart scale
  4. Vendor Name: @Lord Drakyle Request: Challenging for Ground Gym Badge. Online ID: Nabiboss08 GMT time, available during the day, most days.
  5. Vendor Name: @Starry Knight ITEM requested: Weakness Policy Item offered: Heart scale Availability: During the day and early evening GMT
  6. @Lorisaur I think it's more convenient that I trade with @Vanitas , his is already perfect and I do not need the attack stat at all. Thanks a lot though, I really appreciate it! I have to learn how to make perfect IV pokemons like you do... it takes me half an hour to one hour to breed perfect pokemons. Thanks again! @Destrakon I'll check that out definitely. Been spending way too much time making perfect pokemons haha
  7. @Vanitas Yours is amazing You'd be willing to trade it for mine?
  8. @Destrakon unfortunately I don't know how to do that @Lorisaur It'd be amazing if you could do these, thank you! Which option would be more convenient for you?
  9. So this is my Naganadel with near perfect stats except in HP and Special Attack. I'm looking for one that has perfect IV in Special Attack, and near perfect in other stats apart from Attack would be greatly appreciated. Anybody wants to help me make my dream special poison sweeper? I'll trade you this Naganadel in return for yours.
  10. @Destrakon I've already got the mons I needed in the meantime, but if you need any mons with good IVs do let me know! Thanks btw
  11. @undisputedXL Thanks, I love it! Now we can both get Poipole
  12. requesting again. @undisputedXL
  13. alright I'm going to request you. My username is Nabiboss08. @undisputedXL
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